Advanced Genetic Matching

Make the right donor choice for your unique genetic profile

Seattle Sperm Bank is proud to partner with GenePeeks to offer a breakthrough genetic screening service that analyzes your DNA in combination with your favorite donor’s DNA.

The screen identifies the combined likelihood of you and your preferred donor passing on one or more of 1000+ genetic diseases to a future child.

If genetic risk is identified with your first donor choice, GenePeeks will perform the analysis with additional donors until a successful match is identified.

To set up your GenePeeks screen, go to

Included with the GenePeeks service:

  • Combined genetic risk report with preferred donor
  • Donor match guarantee: no-cost screening with additional donors until a successful match is identified
  • Ongoing genetic counseling support

To learn more about GenePeeks, we recommended watching their video:

To speak with a GenePeeks representative about the service, please call 1-855-DNA-PEEK (1-855-362-7335) or email