Advanced Genetic Matching

Advanced Genetic Matching

Find a safer donor match for your unique genetic profile.

Seattle Sperm Bank is proud to partner with GenePeeks to offer Matchright; an advanced genetic matching service that creates donor matches for a client’s unique genetic profile. Each client-donor match is evaluated for over 500 serious genetic conditions that aren’t included in the standard sperm bank screening process.

To watch CBS’ 60 Minutes profile on the GenePeeks Matchright service, click here.

An optional service for our clients, Matchright digitally combines your DNA with the DNA of our donors to build you a personalized catalogue of risk-screened donor matches. This personalized catalogue filters out donors with a genetic profile that – in combination with your own DNA – demonstrate a risk of your future child expressing one or more of the 500 plus conditions on the GenePeeks panel.

Please visit to order the Matchright service for our donors. This URL automatically applies a $500 discount for Seattle Sperm Bank clients.

To learn more about the Matchright process, and the personal story on which the service was founded, we recommend watching the GenePeeks’ video: