Anonymous Sperm Donors


Loren is an attractive man with big green eyes and thick, light brown hair that complements his medium skin tone. Loren has a smooth complexion with full pink lips and a straight nose. He keeps his hair short and his facial hair well-manicured to show off his winning smile. Loren has a medium build and stays in shape by doing yoga, hiking, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities.

Loren is a great combination of good looks, outgoing personality, and athletic ability. He has a true passion for the outdoors and adventures. He enjoys spending his free time in nature and finding new hiking trails and places to kayak. He is working on his graduate degree in Education and plans to continue the position he holds now. Loren chose to become a donor after watching his friends struggle with infertility because he wants to help other families too. Loren is a great addition to our donor program.


Kyle is tall and tan with brown hair and green/brown eyes. He exercises regularly by lifting and doing cardio which results in a lean, defined build. Kyle is almost always smiling to show off his straight white teeth. He is typically clean shaven but will occasionally sport a 5 o’clock shadow to give himself a more rugged, but still very handsome, look.

Kyle has a bachelor’s and is currently going to school for aviation. He has a great sense of humor and is incredibly sweet and genuine. He is always looking for the best in people and is full of compliments for everyone in the office. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Kyle answered, “I like to help people and if I have something they need or could use, even better.” Kyle is sweet, intelligent and outgoing and we believe he would make a fabulous donor.