Anonymous Sperm Donors

Looking for an anonymous sperm donor? We have some great choices:

Dennis is simply adorable. His kind eyes, warm demeanor, and friendly smile all combine to make him a wonderful and attractive young man. He has sunshine-blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes. With a square jaw, button nose, and proportional facial features, Dennis is a very cute donor.Proving that he is more than just a handsome face, Dennis is an extremely talented writer of both prose and poetry. He also enjoys painting and writing music, making him an all-around creative artist. While most of the time Dennis shows his outgoing and jovial personality, he also can be shy and quiet or simply reflective and thoughtful. Dennis is a wonderful donor and a great young man with a bright future.

Finnegan has a small, lean frame, with slender toned muscles and a narrow torso. He has thick, curly black hair, soulful brown eyes, and a smattering of freckles against his smooth, medium skin. He has a small, angular face and an astute and welcoming expression.Finnegan always speaks very thoughtfully and intelligently; he has a B.A. in Anthropology and a Masters degree in Museum Studies, currently working as a Front Office Manager for a great museum in the Seattle area. Finnegan prides himself on being politically active and being involved in many social issues impacting his local and global communities; we value his adventurous spirit, his strong work ethic, and his kindness. Finnegan is all around a great donor!

Kyle is tall and tan with brown hair and green/brown eyes. He exercises regularly by lifting and doing cardio which results in a lean, defined build. Kyle is almost always smiling to show off his straight white teeth. He is typically clean shaven but will occasionally sport a 5 o’clock shadow to give himself a more rugged, but still very handsome, look.Kyle has a bachelor’s and is currently going to school for aviation. He has a great sense of humor and is incredibly sweet and genuine. He is always looking for the best in people and is full of compliments for everyone in the office. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Kyle answered, “I like to help people and if I have something they need or could use, even better.” Kyle is sweet, intelligent and outgoing and we believe he would make a fabulous donor.


Vernon is a handsome man with a compassionate heart. He has thick dark brown hair, large green/brown eyes, and thick lashes. He has olive skin and bright red full lips. Vernon is tall, fit, and athletic. He dresses comfortably yet fashionably in shirts and jeans or gym clothes.

Vernon has a sweet and outgoing personality. He is charismatic and draws you into a conversation easily. He is intelligent and is currently studying neurobiology at a top university. He enjoys listening to music and is teaching himself the guitar while working on song writing. We asked him what his goal in life is and he said, “My ultimate goal in life is to be a valuable member of society who gives back. I have recently realized that I have been given a lot in my life and now I feel like it is my turn to give it back…” Vernon is a kind individual and we love working with him. This is a proven donor, with several healthy donor children to date, and would be a great choice as an anonymous donor. 

12140 - 1 Hal
Hal has wavy dark hair, an oval face with freckles, a straight nose, and an inviting smile. He is inquisitive, optimistic, and exceptionally artistic and cultured. Most notably, he is a gentle yet outgoing conversationalist with a laid-back and optimistic demeanor. He is an artist who is passionate about studying music theory, composing pieces, and teaching students.

In his free-time, Hal enjoys travel to experience the art and culture across the United States and internationally. He speaks fondly of his family whom he thinks highly, shares most of his interests, and with whom he has a close relationship. With think Hal is a smart, cultured, and creative guy!

Rufus (12230) – Anonymous Donor – New Donor! Baby Photo 1 Rufus
Rufus has brown eyes; thick, reddish-brown, hair; full lips; and long, full, eyelashes. His complexion is fair, moderately freckled, and free of blemishes. Rufus’s face is oval with a well-defined jaw, high and prominent cheekbones, and a slightly cleft chin.

Rufus is a man of action who turns his creative visions into works of art. He is a talented filmmaker with a passion for art in all forms and he finds delight in opportunities to exchange ideas with people around him. We expect Rufus’s confidence, determination, and hard work to take him far.


Luke is an attractive donor who is tall and slim with dark brown hair and eyes and light olive skin. He has an oval, clean shaven, face and nice smile that shows off his nice, straight, teeth.

Luke’s parents, both college professors, instilled in him a love of learning that fueled his desire to pursue medical school. His kind, gentle, demeanor that puts those around him at ease will surely be beneficial to him as a physician. When not busy with his studies he likes to rock climb and skiing. We are excited to be able to offer such a bright donor with a wonderful personality to boot.