• Eyes: Brown/Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Height: 6'00"
  • Weight (lbs): 180
  • Blood: A Rh-
  • CMV: -
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, English, Irish, Italian, Northern European
  • Jewish Ancestry: No
  • Education/Occupation: A.A. Audio Production and Engineering / Event Project Manager
  • Live Birth / Pregnancy Confirmed: No
  • Informed Consent Form

Test Results

Donor Description

Carmelo is a classically handsome donor with thick, dark hair, and light hazel eyes. He is clean-cut and masculine with a rectangular face, slightly cleft chin, broad shoulders, and a lean, athletic build.

Carmelo is an outgoing, caring, and self-aware husband and father of two. He is an adept handyman who works on his own extensive home improvement and landscaping projects when he is at home.  His job as an event project manager has allowed him to travel extensively for work for music events and TV production, providing great opportunities to fulfill his desires for adventure and connecting with new people from all walks of life. In his precious free time, he gets plenty of exercise running and doing high-intensity workouts.  Carmelo is a truly impressive super-dad and excellent donor option!