Meet Yale (12027) – Open ID Donor.

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Yale has a long, lean build with a slender torso, strong shoulders and arms, and long legs. His face is very happy and expressive- he has a square face, a long slender nose, a dominant brow, and a large, cheerful smile. He has a medium skin tone with light olive undertones and rosy cheeks. He has short, thick dark brown hair and dark eyebrows. Overall, his features are very attractive!

Yale is a very smart, dedicated, and hard-working young guy. He excelled academically in high school and college, and has been working his way up the ladder as a Mechanical Engineer for an aerospace company, which he hopes to continue doing for many years. He is a family man, and chats often with the staff about his adorable daughter, whom he takes a lot of pride in. His hobbies are pretty typical of your Pacific Northwestern man- he loves hiking, camping, snowboarding, and off-roading. Yale is all around a super nice, intelligent, and motivated guy, and we think he’d be a great choice for any family!