Limited Release – IVF Only Donors


The below sperm donors are available only for a 1-time use in IVF (in-vitro fertilization). These are some of our best donors, who produced a small number of vials for various reasons (moved out of the area,  job changes prevented visiting the lab, etc.). Due to the limited inventory, each client must be using IVF for a 1-time fertilization of multiple eggs. Please contact our Supervisor, Angelo Allard (, for more details.


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The first thing we notice when Tad walks in the room are his big, dark blue eyes. The next thing is his wide smile, showing off straight white teeth. Tad has thick, wavy dark blonde hair and a smooth complexion that he keeps clean shaven. Tad has a well-defined, muscular build that is made more obvious by his typically tan complexion. Tad is a singularly attractive donor.

Tad is very determined and driven to accomplish whatever he puts his mind to. He is very athletic and enjoys contact sports, in particular football and hockey. However, Tad is more than a jock; he is also very interested in politics and is working on his degree in political science. Tad claims to be rather aggressive, but we have never seen anything but a sweet, laid back, joking personality and we enjoy chatting with him.


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Brett is a tall, handsome young man with a lean, muscular build. He has dark brown hair and matching almond brown eyes. He has round facial features, a wide smile with straight white teeth. Brett has a medium skin tone that darkens in the sun, a very clear complexion and keeps his face clean shaven.

Aside from his good looks, Brett is also very driven and intelligent. He graduated with a degree in Political Science and will be attending Law School as well. He hopes to pursue a career as an attorney or politician in the future. He is also very athletic having been an All State soccer player. Brett is extremely personable, funny and charming and is always up for a good chat with the staff. When asked why he wants to be a donor Brett responded, “This opportunity is at once something I’m doing for myself as well as the family that can benefit from my choice. I want to be able to help a family out that needs it”.


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Reid has a large build, broad shoulders, and is ruggedly handsome. He has thick, sandy blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a charming smile. He is an exceptionally physically fit donor who is naturally athletic. He grew up playing hockey and now stays fit by weightlifting, running, and various outdoor activities. He has a welcoming voice and a great laugh that bears evidence to his humorous and good-natured personality.

Reid has many desirable traits that he shares with the rest of his family. He is intelligent, well-grounded, down to earth, and loyal. He stays in close contact with his family, especially his sister who is also in medical school. Reid has a lot of great attributes and we are excited to have him with us as a donor.