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Thank you for submitting this information. Please do not submit a Birth report for the same birth more than once.

Family Planning

Many of our Donors sell out of vials quickly. If you plan to use the same donor for siblings in the future, we recommend purchasing additional vials to be stored at our lab until you decide the next step for your family.

It is difficult to  for us to explain to a client hoping to have another child that their donor is no longer available. Keeping additional vials in storage is the only way to secure units for siblings.

Sibling Storage

We offer Discounted Sibling Storage Fees.  Any vials purchased for siblings can be stored with us at discounted storage fees:

  • Sibling Only Storage – 2 years: $400
  • Sibling Only Storage – 5 years: $800
  • Any purchase of 5 or more vials will receive 1 year of Free Storage.
  • Any purchase of 10 or more vials will receive 2 years of Free Storage.

If you do not need all vials you have in storage, we offer a generous Buy-Back Program.

SSB Connects is Seattle Sperm Bank’s Donor Sibling Registry

Our registry has been setup to help facilitate mutually desired contact between families who share a common donor.

We strive to protect the identity of all users on SSB Connects.  Seattle Sperm Bank only provides access to user’s with a confirmed birth.

If you would like to access our free registry, please send an email to

Upon receipt of your request, one of our Client Services members will send you login credentials via email within 48 business hours of your request.

Feedback and Comments

At SSB, we strive to provide the best possible customer service and highest quality of donors, and we always appreciate your feedback.

Any comments can be emailed to or call us at (206) 588-1484.

Thank you again – We look forward to hearing from you!