Sure Check Donor Security

Choosing the right sperm donor to conceive is a major decision. It takes time, effort, and even some soul searching to find the best sperm donor for your needs. So when you finally do make a choice, you want to ensure the specimens you order match your selection. That’s where Seattle Sperm Bank’s proprietary SURE-CHECK system comes in.

How SURE-CHECK works

SURE-CHECK is a five step, double verified donor identity system developed by SSB. It’s designed to guarantee the chain of custody of semen specimens for donor identification from the beginning of the process to the end to remove the possibility of human error. And it all starts with a fingerprint.

Step One: Accurate Donor Labels

Each SSB donor is given a fingerprint scan that uniquely identifies them and is used on all donor labels. This allows for automated printing of accurate donor labels every time.

Step Two: Donor ID Confirmation

The person checking the fingerprint of the donor also confirms their name, date of birth, donor’s photo ID, and signature.

Step Three: Double Verification

At the time of initial identification and check-in, only the required amount of labels are printed: one label for the specimen cup, one label for the Daily Donor Questionnaire (DDQ), and one label for the urine cup (if applicable).

As additional labels are required for the transfer of the specimen to a new container, the barcode found on the DDQ is scanned and labels are auto-generated and printed for this purpose. These labels are then placed on the new container and verified by two technicians to be accurate. In this case, verified means two employees visually inspecting and comparing the identifiers on the previous container to the new container(s) to ensure a match.

Further, this verification is documented on the DDQ along with the date and time of verification, and the initials of the two employees who verified the match. This process is then duplicated and repeated each time that specimen changes containers.

Step Four: Final Transfer of Specimen

This double verification is continued until the specimen is transferred to its final location. As an extra precaution, only one specimen is allowed in the work area at a time during this process.

Step Five: Security Cameras

Lastly, we use security cameras throughout our lab for additional assurance that all processes are being followed.

All of this is done for the safety, security, and peace of mind of our clients. Read more about our proprietary Sure-Check system or call our clinic to speak directly with a member of our staff.

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