Top Scholars

Below you will find a list of SSB’s Top Scholars.  These donors are “Top of the Class” when it comes to intelligence and their scholastic capabilities.

Danvir has a very striking look. He has lovely medium dark skin and a great complexion. He has full pinkish red lips and thick wavy dark hair. He has beautiful hazel eyes and masculine facial features. He is typically dressed in khaki or jean pants with a button up or t-shirt.

Danvir is currently working on his graduate degree in mechanical engineering. He is very intelligent and has a fantastic work ethic. He likes to stay active and plays as many sports as he can. Danvir is also environmentally conscience and wants to work in a sustainable energy plant after completing his studies. Danvir is very friendly and loves to chat whenever he has the chance. We asked Danvir what makes him unique and he said, “My zest to live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment as it comes without wondering about the future or fretting over the past. Just accepting the moment as it comes and doing my best to live happily.” We love Danvir’s happy-go-lucky attitude!

Constantine is one of our tallest donors: he has a long, lean physique, with a swimmer’s build of broad shoulders, toned arms and muscles and a slender torso. Constantine is uniquely handsome, with an oval face, slender nose, bright blue eyes, and a full, wide smile. His handshake reveals big, strong hands and a firm grip. He played multiple sports through high school and college and stays in great shape by maintaining an active lifestyle outdoors.

Constantine has a very analytical, intellectual and thoughtful outlook on life; he has a postgraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, and excels at math and critical thinking. He talks openly about the challenges of immigrating to the US at an early age, and his desire to constantly be learning and exploring new experiences has made a wise, disciplined, and open-minded individual. Constantine is a great mix of someone who is very smart and practical, while also showing a sensitive, fun, and caring side. Constantine would make a great donor for any family!

Keats has a long and lean build, with toned arms and shoulders and long legs. He has thick, dark brown, wavy hair, and beautiful light olive skin that tans fairly dark. He has dark brown, slightly downturned eyes, a wide smile, large white teeth, an oval face, and a well-defined chin.

Keats is very accomplished both in academics and sports. He played many sports as a child through high school, including basketball, soccer, swimming, water polo, and lacrosse. In college, he took up rugby and is still playing into his post-grad years. He also grew up naturally talented at music and played several instruments including drums, cello, and trumpet. Keats is pursuing a graduate degree in Structural Engineering and Mechanics, and is self-described to be very good at creative thinking and working with his hands. He also is an avid cook and loves to experiment in the kitchen. If you are looking for someone who is well-rounded, creative, and outgoing, Keats would be a great choice for you!

Xavier takes a hands on approach to life, he said if he feels more invested in the process he has greater respect for the end product, putting together his own computer and bicycle recently.  He adores cycling and talks about it with joy and passion.  He is in great physical shape and health.

Xavier is handsome with a chiseled jaw line and cheek bones, giving him a model-esque appearance.  He has strait windswept black hair and rich brown eyes.  He dresses in a trendy and up to date fashion.This engineering student is highly intelligent and analytical.  He excels in mathematics and enjoys mechanics.  He is introspective and very calculated.

When we asked Xavier why he wanted to be a donor he responded, “  I have been donating blood for two years. I am an universal donor, i.e. type Rh+ O, and was happy that my blood could be used for someone who is in need of it in his critical moment. I am healthy and can recover back to normal condition after two days of donation, but a patient who severely lost his blood is in the moment where his life or death is at stake.

Craig has a very symmetrical, round face. He has green/brown eyes and is usually clean shaven, but on occasion he will grow out a full beard that he keeps neat and trimmed. Craig has a medium, smooth complexion. Craig has a medium build and stays in shape with regular exercise including running, swimming and yoga.

Craig is extremely intelligent and currently works as a lawyer. He is fairly reserved when you first meet him, but once he is comfortable he opens up and has a great sense of humor. Craig laughs readily and is laid back. He definitely has a creative side and enjoys things that are new, adventurous and unexpected. Craig is very family oriented and does a great job of balancing his work and home life, cherishing the time he has with his children and wife.