Seattle Sperm Bank Exclusive Donor

SSB’s Exclusive Donor 10540 Zuko is available to a single family in the USA. This donor has been made available Internationally to up to a maximum of 10 families. While this does require the purchase of all remaining samples provided by the donor, it ensures that no other Family in the USA can purchase the donor for treatment use.

For more information on this donor, or SSB’s Exclusive Donor Program, please submit an inquiry below.

Meet Zuko, Donor 10540

Fun fact: Zuko plays bass guitar and loves fashion.
When asked about his strengths, Donor Zuko stated that, “I am extremely passionate and when I start working on something that ignites that passion I won’t slow down! I’m very creatively inclined and love discovering new ways to bring things into the world, be it through music, art, acting or anything else I can imagine.”

Zuko is an eclectic, creative, joy to have around. He is tall standing at 6’2”, with an athletic physic, beautiful brown eyes and though it is naturally brown, we absolutely love his pastel pink hair! Zuko is gifted in several creative areas, which contribute to his bubbly, yet easy-going personality. Zuko is musically inclined and plays bass guitar, while also taking interest in other types of creating music. Also, he is very passionate about art and fashion, and we enjoyed hearing about his trip to Paris a few years back. Zuko is also athletic and was proud to discuss his involvement with the varsity swim team in high school. After hearing this, we were not shocked to hear he loves watching the Olympics!

Zuko is extremely motivated when it comes to things, he is passionate about, and would love to one day become head of marketing or editor for a fashion magazine. Zuko would be an amazing choice for any family.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, German, Irish, Scottish

Education and Occupation: B.A. Public Relations and Fashion / Lifeguard




155 lbs.

B Rh+ CMV-

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