Seattle Sperm Bank Exclusive and Limited Family Donors

These donors have been made exclusively for a single family or a limited number of families in the US or World-Wide. While this does require the purchase of most ,or all, of the remaining samples provided by the donor, it ensures that either no other family will have access within the US or World-Wide, or only a limited number of families would have access to this donor for treatment use.

For more information on these donors, or SSB’s Exclusive Donor Program, please submit an inquiry below.

Meet Kace, Donor 12554

Limited Family – Available to a maximum of 10 families world-wide. 

Fun facts: Kace plays the saxophone and piano, and is an avid singer who participated in an A Capella group in college.
When we asked Kace to describe his relationship with his family, he  answered,  “I deeply love my family, and although I am on the other side of the country from them currently, I think about and talk to them frequently. My family has taught me a lot about hard work and the value of a dollar. I’m from a small town, so I grew up with a lot of those rural, blue-collar values. While I still hold some of them, my family also taught me to think for myself, and that has resulted in me being a bit of a truth-seeker. Additionally, my family has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow, and they inspire me by the way that they love and show up for each other continually.”

Kace is a handsome, well-rounded donor with a warm, likable personality.  He has a rectangular face with full lips, high cheekbones, a small rounded nose, and dark eyes.  His physique is lean, muscular, and athletic from regular weightlifting, soccer, and living an active lifestyle. 

Kace is curious, thoughtful, genuine, and optimistic. He is an engaging conversationalist who doesn’t shy away from deep conversations. He is multi-lingual, well-cultured, and is a talented musician who plays saxophone and piano in addition to being a vocalist. We have enjoyed having him in our program and every opportunity to chat with him when he is at the clinic. 

Ethnicity: Mix, African-American, German, French

Education and Occupation: B.S. Neuroscience: PH.D. Computational Neuroscience / Student

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168 lbs.

A Rh+ CMV+

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