Seattle Sperm Bank Exclusive Donor

SSB’s Exclusive Donor Program allows for a single family to have access to all available samples for a chosen donor. While this does require the purchase of all samples provided by the donor while in our program, it ensures that no other SSB Family can purchase the donor for treatment use.

If requested, two families may choose to share an Exclusive Donor and purchase the samples provided by the donor together.

For more information on this donor, or SSB’s Exclusive Donor Program, please submit an inquiry below.

Meet Walsh, Donor 14333

Fun fact: Walsh is an avid fly fisherman.
When asked about his strengths, Donor Walsh stated that, “I am a natural born leader with a high level of empathy. And I am proud that I have stayed true to myself through thick and thin; never compromising my values”

Walsh is compassionate, selfless, empathetic, and handsome as can be. He is tall and very physically fit, with beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair, as well as complimenting facial structure including high cheeks bones and a defined jaw line. Walsh is an outstanding guy, and has done so much already in his lifetime, including serving in the military. His service led him to his passion for helping other veterans, and he hopes to one day run a fly-fishing camp for those suffering from PTSD. Additionally, he plans to further is intelligence in business, in hopes of owning his own.

Walsh is not only intelligent and goal oriented but is creative as well. We enjoy viewing his photography and were impressed to hear that he has published a photography portfolio and he was able to raise substantial proceeds for a veteran’s charity. We are constantly surprised by Walsh’s humble attitude, and willingness to serve others. We are truly grateful to have him and recommend him for any family!

Ethnicity: Caucasian, German, Irish, Scottish, Lithuanian 

Education and Occupation: Master EOD Technician Certification / US Naval Special Warfare EOD Operator


Light Brown


205 lbs.

A Rh+ CMV-

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