What is a Cryobank?

A cryobank is an all-encompassing term for a clinic that collects and stores human tissue for later use. This can include donor sperm, eggs, umbilical cord blood, stem cells, and embryos. Seattle Sperm Bank is a cryobank that currently focuses exclusively on providing donor sperm to women and families looking to conceive a child. As one of the nation’s leading cryobanks, SSB provides personal storage of donor sperm for both directed donors and known donors.

Donor Schedule Examples

Cryobank - Directed donor schedule

Directed Donor Collection Schedule
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Cryobank - Known donor schedule

Known Donor Collection Schedule
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How a Cryobank Works

After a cryobank such as SSB collects semen samples, they are processed and placed into vials to be frozen. Vials are then stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at -196 degrees Celsius. The extreme temperature stops all metabolic activity, and while frozen, semen does not degrade and is immune to microbes and bacteria. That means sperm can be frozen indefinitely in this state and still be healthy and effective to use once thawed. And even compared to fresh sperm, frozen samples pose no additional risks to women trying to conceive.

In addition, our storage process includes rigorous and regular testing of all samples to ensure quality — so your samples are ready when you decide to start a family. And when that time comes, you can choose between a home insemination or having the procedure done at a clinic like SSB. Whatever you choose, we can help you purchase and order your vials of donor sperm and guide you through the insemination process.

Reasons to Use a Cryobank

There are many reasons to use a cryobank to freeze and store sperm for future personal use. These include:

  • An upcoming military deployment.
  • You’re considering having a vasectomy and want to store semen should you ever change your mind.
  • You want to postpone starting a family until the time is right.
  • You need to undergo a medical treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, or prostate surgery.
  • You are considering or currently performing in vitro fertilization (IVF) and need regular access to stored semen.


Choosing a Cryobank

If you’re ready to start looking for a cryobank or if you have a question about the process, please contact one of our helpful client services coordinators at 206-588-1484 or info@seattlespermbank.com.

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