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SSB Connects Helps Families Connect to Donors

SSB Connects is Seattle Sperm Bank’s Donor Sibling Registry.  Our registry has been setup to help facilitate mutually desired contact between families who share a common donor.

Access to our Sibling Registry is limited to SSB clients with reported births. Your posting will not be accessible to a Google search, or the general public. Protecting our clients’ privacy is a priority to us. We do not charge any fees for joining the Sibling Registry.

We offer free access to SSB Connects to all SSB Clients who submit a birth report to us.  You can submit a birth report by using our Pregnancy and Birth Reporting Form.  Please note in the comments if you want access to SSB Connects.

Pregnancy and Birth Reporting Form

We strive to protect the identity of all users on SSB Connects.  Seattle Sperm Bank only provides access to user’s with a confirmed birth.  Access is restricted to donor specific groups that only have members that share the same donor.  All users are setup with a generic username that protects the identity of the user and identifies which donor group they are part of.

Get Access

Getting Access to SSB Connects

To Get Access to SSB Connects

  1. Fill Out the Pregnancy and Birth Reporting Form on our website
  2. Indicate in the Comments that you want access to SSB Connects
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click on the Login Button in the upper right hand corner
  5. Enter your Username and Password
Getting Access
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Get Connected

SSB Connects Login Page

Click here to go to the SSB Connects login page:

Technical Support

For Technical Support, please send an email to

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