Request Genetic Testing on a Donor

Over the past decade, carrier screening has evolved to include more genetic conditions than ever beforeDepending on the carrier screening lab and the date of testing, the patient’s or egg source’s panel may not always be the same as the sperm donor’s panelIf you would like to request additional testing on a donor, to have them screened for an autosomal recessive genetic condition that was not already included on their panel, please complete this form: 

Would you like to request additional carrier screening on your donor of interest? We are here to help! 

How does supplemental testing work: 

  • Complete the Request for Supplemental Testing form 
  • The genetic counseling team will review your request and contact you if more information is needed 
  • Your donor will be contacted for consent and DNA collection for  
  • You will be informed if your donor agrees to participate in supplemental testing  
  • You will be billed $550 after the donor’s sample is collected
  • Results are reported ~3-4 weeks from the time the DNA sample is provided 

    Request Supplemental Testing on a Donor

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    1. Client Information


    2. Donor Information

    Which donor would you like to undergo supplemental testing?

    3. Test Information

    Please email a copy of the egg source's carrier screen report to

    Cost of supplemental testing is $550 USD. A payment link will be sent to you once testing is underway.

    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    Additional Questions? or schedule a complimentary genetic consult 

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