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Seattle Sperm Bank was founded on a simple mission; to help create happy, healthy families, to always advocate for our customers and our donors, and to become a global leader in the scientific advancement of sperm distribution. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, we are one of the nation’s leading sperm banks offering the industry’s best value on high quality, Open ID vials, with exceptional customer service and advanced genetic screening. Our partnerships span the world’s most reputable fertility clinics. These professionals share our commitment to empowering couples and individuals like you to make informed decisions when selecting a donor.

While we offer the resources of larger clinics, our approach is personal, operating on a first-name basis with our prospective parents. Our dedicated team is here to provide clear, open communication and guide you in finding your perfect match. We have worldwide distribution capabilities and lab locations throughout the United States and the UK. Our donors undergo a rigorous screening process that surpass FDA and state regulations for sperm banks in the USA and additionally we comply with international standards to meet the requirements of the countries in which our donors are distributed. We are honored that you are considering us to be a partner in this significant decision. We encourage you to reach out today, either by phone or online, to schedule a consultation. Let us help you navigate this journey towards building your family.

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