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Ten Great Reasons to Use Seattle Sperm Bank

Here are ten great reasons to use Seattle Sperm Bank! Don’t want to take our word for it? Read our testimonials here.

  1. Superior Customer Service – Seattle Sperm Bank (SSB) offers a personalized customer service experience including free Photo-Matching, assistance with sperm donor selection, and complimentary genetic consultations. We know our donors! Every customer will speak to someone who interacts with the donor regularly.
  2. Advanced Genetic Testing – SSB is the first sperm bank to test ALL NEW DONORS (as of September 2015) with an Extended Genetic Panel Carrier Screen. If you know that you, or your egg source, are a carrier for conditions not covered by our testing, we do our best to get your donor tested for that condition at a reasonable price. Our website has an advanced search tool where carrier screening results can be used for filtering our available donors. Read more HERE.
  3. Price – SSB can save patients up to 40% per shipment. As compared to our competitors, our per-vial cost, shipping and extended donor information are all more affordable.  See more details HERE.
  4. Donor Counseling – All sperm donors are evaluated by a counselor with a Master’s of Social Work. This interview helps donors understand the full implications of being a donor, including the possibility of future contact from offspring. It gives us the assurance the donors in the our program are safe and sound individuals.
  5. Accreditations – SSB is accredited and/or licensed by the following: FDA, CLIA, New York State, State of Maryland, State of California.  Please visit our Licenses and Accreditations page HERE.
  6. SSB Connects – This is Seattle Sperm Bank’s Free Donor Sibling Registry.  Our registry has been setup to help facilitate mutually desired contact between families who share a common donor. Read more HERE
  7. Vial Quality – The SSB lab staff prides themselves on creating the best quality vials. We receive quality complaint forms on less than 0.1% of vials distributed.  Read more HERE.
  8. Criminal Background Checks and Donor Records Verification – SSB conducts criminal background checks and verifies educational transcripts on all sperm donors.  SSB was the first sperm bank to perform criminal background checks on all donors.  We have run these reports since our lab opened in 2008.  Our reasoning for this was to eliminate any potential donors who had a record of criminal activity that demonstrated antisocial or pathological behavior.  Criminal activity can also be an indicator for mental illness, and/or drug use.  If a potential donor has had minor interactions with law enforcement- say, a speeding ticket- this history is discussed in depth between the donor applicant and our Medical Director, as well as our Donor Coordinator and Counselor.  If we judge that these infractions were minor and situational, in particular when the applicant was a young adult, we may advance the potential donor into the program.
  9. Seattle Sperm Bank Donor SURE-CHECK – SSB’s proprietary SURE-CHECK system is a 5-Step, double-verified, donor identity system. This guarantees the chain of custody for sperm donor identification from beginning to end.  Read more HERE.
  10. Family Limit – We limit SSB donors to creating 25 families in the U.S., and we adhere to country-specific requirements for donors who get distributed internationally.
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