FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of units do you offer and which type do I need?

 We have four different unit types here at Seattle Sperm Bank:

IUI (intra-uterine insemination) or “washed”
ICI (intra-cervical insemination) or “unwashed”
IUI ART (intra-uterine insemination assisted reproductive technologies)
ICI ART (intra-cervical insemination assisted reproductive technologies)

IUI are usually used for an insemination directly into the uterus with a physician.
ICI are typically used at home or if the doctor’s office wants to wash the sample first.
ART units are often used for IVF as they have fewer sperm cells than the regular units.

Your doctor can advise you as to which type you will need for your given procedure.

Please refer to this link for more information. https://www.seattlespermbank.com/demystifying-iui-ici-ivi-and-ivf/

How much does this cost?

Please refer to this link for a full break down of costs for the units, shipping, storage, and donor materials.


What if I want to use my same donor in the future?

We strongly encourage our clients to purchase additional units for their favorite donor and place them into storage. We cannot guarantee that your donor will be available when you are ready to inseminate.

What if I store units then decide I don’t want them anymore?

SSB offers the most generous buy back program in the industry. Units that have not left our facility may be eligible to be sold back to us for 50% of the original cost. For our complete Buy Back program, please visit: https://www.seattlespermbank.com/why-use-us/vial-exchange-buy-back-program

What if my selected donor has no available units?

If your selected donor(s) has no available inventory of the unit type (IUI, ICI, ART) that you are looking for, please call us at 206-588-1484 to request about inventory status. If no units are available at the moment, we may be able to provide you with an estimated timeline of when inventory may become available. We can also put you on the wait-list for a specific donor (see details below).

I want to purchase more units of my donor, but he is out of units at the moment. What do I do?

We can put you on the waitlist for your donor by reserving a maximum of five units that are in quarantine. You can only be on the waitlist for one donor at a time. You cannot reserve units that are available for purchase. When the units are released from quarantine you will be notified via email and to purchase them before the units are made available to the general public. Please call or email to be placed on the waitlist.


I am ready to purchase, what do I need to do next?

If you are using a Fertility Clinic, we advice you to speak with your doctor or nurse first. They will be able to advise you what type of units (IUI, ICI, ART) you will need, when you need the units to arrive at their office and the insemination procedure, or when you need the units to arrive to your home if you are doing a home insemination.

Prior to shipping the units, you will also need to submit the appropriate forms to us. Please refer to the link.


There are so many choices, how do I pick a donor?

You can narrow down your search with our “Find A Match” tool by inputting some of your desired characteristics (eye color, height, ethnicity, etc.) and choosing from there.
You can call or email our client services team if you need more help choosing between donors.

What kind of screening do your donors get?

Please refer to this link. https://www.seattlespermbank.com/why-use-us/

I keep seeing CMV listed. What does that mean?

Please refer to this link. https://www.seattlespermbank.com/what-is-cmv/

Why don’t you offer look-a-likes?

Please refer to this link. https://www.seattlespermbank.com/why-doesnt-esb-usa-offer-a-ben-affleck-look-a-like-donor/

What is an Open Identity Donor?

Please refer to this link. https://www.seattlespermbank.com/what-you-need-to-know-about-open-identity-donors/