Free Photo Matching

We’ll help you narrow down your sperm donor search.

To use our photo matching service, please send us a list of 2-6 of your favorite donors from our Sperm Donor List along with 1-3 color photographs (preferably from different angles) of the person you want us to compare them with. You may submit photos of yourself, partner, or other individuals of your choosing.

Please submit your photos by email (quickest way) to or send them by mail to:

Seattle Sperm Bank
4915 25th Avenue N.E. Suite 204
Seattle, WA 98105

Our staff will use the photos you send and review recent adult photographs, not available to the public, of our donors to select the donor(s) who most resemble your photos.

If there is no clear match between your photos and those of your selected donors, we will suggest other donors who may be a better match. We will also let you know if we don’t have a match. We usually have results for you within three business days.

To read about how one family used photo-matching during their sperm donor search, see this informative article in SELF magazine.

Please let us know if you have any preferences you would like us to consider when performing the photo-matching such as:

  • Race (Caucasian, Black, Asian, Other)
  • Ethnic Preferences
  • Height (ft-in)
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color (brown, blue, hazel, green)
  • Hair color (blonde, brown, black, red)
  • CMV status if you know yours