Genetic Counseling Phone Consults

Selecting a sperm donor can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding the genetic testing that donors have completed. Each sperm donor has a unique carrier screening report to review. Learning how to navigate genetic test reports and compare them alongside your/the egg source’s report is challenging. At Seattle Sperm Bank, our genetics team is available to guide and support you as you navigate donor selection and comparison of carrier screening reports. Our certified genetic counselors can answer your questions about donors’ genetic test results, family medical history, and more.  

Seattle Sperm Bank offers genetic counseling consultations to review carrier screening compatibility. During the phone consult, a certified genetic counselor will review your preferred donor’s carrier screening report to help you understand what the donor screened positive for (if anything) and the benefits and limitations of the testing. If you or your egg source(s) have also completed carrier screening, the genetic counselor will compare the results, to help you understand how the results impact your reproductive risk or the chance to have children affected with any of the conditions included on the carrier screening panels. Lastly, the genetic counselor can help explain follow-up options as warranted, such as requesting additional testing on the sperm donor, pursuing additional testing on you or the egg source, or providing an explanation of how to identify a sperm donor who is more compatible based on carrier screening results.  

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Answering the important questions

Genetic Counseling Consultation FAQ

1. How long is the consult?  Consults are up to 30 minutes in length.  

2. What is the price for a genetic counseling consult? $200 per consult.

3. Will I receive a consult note following my consult?  Yes, a consult note will be provided within 48 hours from the time of your consult. Click here to see an example. 

4. How many donors can we discuss during my appointment? In order to keep the appointment within the 30-minute time frame, we can only discuss one donor per consult.

5. Are the consults done over phone or video? The genetic counselor will call you over the phone using the number you provide when scheduling your consult. If you prefer a video call, please let the genetics team know at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time so an appointment can be created.

6. Is an interpreter available? Yes, interpreters are available. There is a $100 fee for interpretation. Please let us know that an interpreter is required when you schedule your consult. 

7. Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment? Yes, email or use the online appointment reminder to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you cancel/reschedule 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will be provided a full refund for the appointment. 

8. Is there a penalty for missed consults and/or late cancellations? Yes, missed consults or cancellations within a 24 hour window will not be refunded. 

9. Can I have a genetic counseling appointment if I am not based in the United States? Yes.

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