Are you doing PGT-M?

Seattle Sperm Bank is happy to contact your donor to request consent and coordinate a DNA sample for PGT-M set-up  If the PGT-M lab you are working with is willing to utilize a sperm vial for PGT-M set-up, we can help coordinate shipping to the lab after the donor consents. Please note, the donor’s consent is required for their participation in PGT-M. 


  • Cost: $300. The payment is due at the time the donor’s sample is collected.  
  • Coordination: One of SSB’s genetic counselors will contact your PGT-M laboratory to gain necessary information regarding testing methodology and consent forms prior to consenting your donor.  
  • Timing: After a donor consents and provides a DNA sample, it will be shipped within 1-2 days to directly to your PGT-M laboratory 


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