Directed/Known Donors and Personal Storage

Seattle Sperm Bank provides personal storage services and collects sperm for both directed donors and known donors.

A directed donor is an individual who stores sperm for a chosen recipient who is not his spouse or sexually intimate partner, and intends to observe the FDA recommended 6-month quarantine of specimens. A known donor is a directed donor whose recipient has chosen to waive the recommended six-month quarantine of the donor’s semen samples. Individuals who wish to do personal storage of donor sperm will need to go through the same processes, screenings, and testing that known donors complete.

At SSB, we encourage recipients to be involved in the donor screening process from the very first visit to ensure clear communication between all parties. The recipient is welcome to come to the initial screening process to learn about the process and see the lab. When the recipient lives in another state, it’s important that she consult SSB by phone. The recipient and donor will have joint decisions to make regarding the donor’s screening, how many visits he should make, and whether to wash his semen samples for intrauterine insemination (IUI) prior to storage.

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