Vial Prices, Shipping & Storage

Open Identity Donor Sperm

IUI washed – $635 per unit

ICI unwashed – $635 per unit

A.R.T.  washed – $450 per unit

A.R.T.  unwashed – $450 per unit

Donor Information

All Access Pass: $50
Unlimited access to all donor information for 3 months

Telephone and Email Consultations – FREE
In-Person Consultations (by appointment only – call us to schedule) – FREE
Written Staff Impressions – FREE
Photo Matching Service – FREE
List of Donors – FREE
Extended Donor Profile – $10
Keirsey Personality Exam – $10
Audio Interview – $10
Baby Photo – $10

Discounts and Incentive Programs

Donor of the Month = Buy 1 vial get one FREE.

Make a single purchase of 5 or more vials and receive 1 year of FREE storage.

Shipping & Handling

Plan to have your package arrive at least 2-3 days prior to insemination.
Our tanks are guaranteed to hold temperature for a minimum of 4 days after receipt.
That should give enough time to alleviate any issues associated with shipping delays and/or early ovulation.

Watch our home insemination kit demonstration video with detailed instructions on properly using your vials.

Local shipping to clinics in the Seattle and Bellevue area in a nitrogen dry shipper — includes return of the special shipping container to our premises.

Free Clinic Deliveries occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We will still offer “Urgent” deliveries on other days with 24 hours’ notice, for a $50 fee.

Alternatively, clients can always pick up from us for free (with a Clinic Release on file) Monday-Friday, again with 24 hours’ notice.

We allow customers to pick up their own shipping tank from our Office in Seattle, at no charge.

SSB advises you to use your sample(s) within five days or to reschedule the pickup date closer to your ovulation

Tank must be returned to us within 7 days, from the shipping date, to avoid late charges.
Must bring Photo-ID for verification.

-Please provide what time of day you would like to pickup, so we may schedule accordingly

*All client pickup orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance.*

$25 (each way):
Local shipping to a residence within a 10 mile radius of our office.

Two-day shipping to Washington and Oregon. $250 for overnight shipping.

Two-day shipping to all other U.S. states, including Hawaii and Alaska, in a nitrogen dry shipper which includes return of the special shipping container to our premises. $280 for overnight shipping.

Storage Services
1 month storage of purchased donor semen units | Free
2-6 months storage of purchased donor semen units | $200
1 year storage of purchased donor semen units | $350
2 years storage of purchased donor semen units | $500
5 years storage of purchased donor semen units | $1000
If you want to reserve samples from your favorite donor for future use, please call or e-mail us to discuss your exact storage needs.

Shipping Information

All domestic shipments are shipped with via UPS, unless a different service is requested. Shipments are pre-paid both ways and can be shipped to either the physician’s office or the recipient’s home. Every residential delivery will include a Home-Insemination Kit, which includes: two 1mL needleless syringes per sample. Any additional supplies are not provided by Seattle Sperm Bank and must be purchased separately, if desired.

Shipping rates include the return of the dry-shipper. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure the tanks are returned within seven days from shipment date or to request an extension. If shipping to a clinic, please have the facility initiate the return once the sample has been removed.

We encourage all patients to plan ahead with the shipment so the tank and sample arrives well before the scheduled insemination. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may result in an additional day in transit.

Please consult with your clinic on their preference of when the shipment should arrive.

If you live outside the United States, give us a call or send us an email and we can give you an estimate of shipping costs to your country. Duties, taxes and other custom clearance charges may apply to your international shipment. These are not included in our shipping fee. Such costs are determined by the receiving country and must be paid by the client or recipient of the sperm.

NOTE: At Checkout, “Shipping Address” refers to where you want your sample(s) delivered. Please indicate correct address and ensure all required paperwork is on file prior to shipping day.

* WA State Residents are subject to state tax on vial and shipping charges