A.R.T. Vials – Assisted Reproductive Technologies

A.R.T. vials contain fewer total motile cells than regular vials, but they are perfectly suited for certain types of inseminations, or by Physician approval.
We offer these vials as a cost saving alternative for patients undergoing procedures where high cell counts are not necessary. We recommend patients seek advice and permission from their clinic before making any purchase of A.R.T. vials

    A.R.T. Vials – Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are A.R.T. vials?

    They are vials that contain fewer motile sperm than our premium vials

    2. What are the uses for A.R.T. vials?

    IUI A.R.T vials can be used for IUI inseminations when approved by your Physician.

    IUI A.R.T vials contain 8-19 million sperm per ml.

    ICI A.R.T vials contain 5-14 million motile sperm per ml.

    A.R.T vials can be used for any procedures such as IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, and ICSI.

    Sibling pregnancies (when premium vials are no longer available)

    Conventional IUI and ICI insemination (with consent from physician)

    3. How do A.R.T. vials differ from premium vials?

    They contain fewer motile sperm that our premium vials, but have a sufficient number to be acceptable for A.R.T. procedures.

    4. Why does Seattle Sperm Bank / Seattle Sperm Bank offer A.R.T. vials?

    We sell these vials at a discount to patients whose insemination procedure can be accomplished using fewer sperm.

    5. Are A.R.T. vials available in both IUI washed and ICI unwashed preparation?

    Yes, they may be available in both IUI washed and ICI unwashed.

    6. How many total motile sperm do A.R.T. vials contain?

    Following post-thaw, A.R.T. vials will contain: IUI ART: 4-9 million motile cells; and ICI ART: 5-14 million motile cells.

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