Highly Educated Sperm Donors

Below you will find a list of SSB’s donors who are currently completing their Medical/Dental School, or are already practicing Physicians or Dentists.  We are thankful that these donors take time out of their incredibly busy schedule to help others achieve their dreams of having a child!


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Arjun has an incredibly sweet and soft spoken nature. Every time he is in our office, Arjun personally greets everyone he sees with a friendly smile and a warm hello. Arjun is very handsome- he has a beautiful medium complexion that pairs well with his large, deep brown eyes and thick dark brown hair. He has a trim oval face with a square jawline, thick dark eyebrows, and an amazing, full smile. He stands tall at 6’2 and sports a fit and lean frame. Arjun loves to stay in shape and keeps fit by playing handball.Arjun was a Dentist in India, and now living in the states, is studying to become a certified dentist here as well. He is extremely smart and well-spoken, which comes across the moment you meet him. Arjun’s striking good looks and endearing personality make him an excellent donor!


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Isaac is a handsome donor with thick black hair brown eyes and olive skin. He has a great appreciation for art, culture, and academics. He is a charming conversationalist with a quick wit who has many stories to tell of his adventures and travels.He is a man of many talents who has found success using his intelligence, creativity, curiosity, pragmatism to achieve personal and professional goals. Isaac enjoys spending time with his family in the mountains skiing when his busy schedule allows. He speaks highly of his family whom he is very fond of and very close with, and has often expressed that he wanted to become a donor to help other people have families of their own


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Leo’s happy smile and positive attitude can brighten your day. He has a medium complexion that tans nicely in the sun. Leo keeps his head shaved and his facial hair clean and professional. He has strong shoulders and a broad chest. He keeps in shape with an active lifestyle outdoors that includes hiking, swimming, and snowboarding.With a PhD in Clinical Psychology and his fluency in Spanish, English, and French, Leo is a well-spoken, eloquent man. Leo’s personality is friendly and charming. He spends his spare time collecting art as well as writing and reading poetry. Leo enjoys travel and has visited many countries. He has a great appreciation for his family, and credits their love and support for helping him become the man he is today.


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Karl stands right at 6 feet with a fit and athletic frame. He keeps his brown, wavy hair short and stylish. His fair skin and light dusting of freckles brings out his bright blue eyes. With a strong chin and subtle dimples, he is a very attractive donor.Karl is extremely intelligent, holding both a Masters and PhD, as well as being fluent in French. He currently works as an environmental engineer and project manager. His passions include being an avid piano player and playing chess. Karl keeps his body in shape by playing baseball, soccer, and lifting weights. He has an artistic eye and enjoys taking portrait photographs. If you are looking for someone handsome, smart, and athletic, Karl would be a great donor for you!


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Conroy walks into our office with a laid back, friendly personality. His calm, sweet disposition pairs well with his sandy brown hair and striking green eyes. With a medium complexion and a light dusting of freckles, Conroy is very handsome. His casual style along with an inviting smile suit his overall good looks.Conroy has a witty sense of humor. He comes off as somewhat quiet, but well-spoken. Having achieved a Masters degree in Psychology, Conroy is intelligent and thoughtful. He spends his free time playing the guitar and staying fit by doing Jiu Jitsu. Conroy also takes full advantage of the Pacific Northwest by being outdoors hiking, hunting, and fishing. If you are looking for a smart, good-looking, level-headed guy, Conroy may be the donor for you!


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Kayden is a handsome, tall, and slim donor with shaggy, light brown hair. He has slender facial features and warm, brown-green eyes that match his kind and inviting personality.Kayden is an intellectually gifted jack of all trades. When he is not busy pursuing advanced degrees in the field of Medicine, he invests his time in travel and his numerous hobbies. He is a talented cook and homebrewer who is also mechanically adept. He works on his own motorcycle which his primary mode of transportation for his cross-country adventures. We think that this well-rounded donor is a great choice!