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Meet Landry (12552)

Landry is a handsome donor with ethnically ambiguous features, dark eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a rounded nose with a high bridge. He is muscular and in great shape from working a physically demanding job and a regular exercise routine of running, boxing, rock climbing, and playing soccer.

Landry enjoys working with his hands and his career as a carpenter. Outside of work he enjoys travel, playing music on various musical instruments, and helping others by working on their cars and lending a hand in all sorts of repair projects. Above all else, Landry is a proud father with a strong moral compass directed by the principle of compassion. Landry is an amazing guy and we are thrilled to have him in our donor program!





A Rh+


Mix, Asian, Caucasian, French, Irish, Laotian


High School / Carpenter - Home Remodeling


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • Karyotyping : 46,XY
    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : No disease causing mutations detectedative result: No disease causing mutations detectedative for g.27134T>G SNP and SMN1: 2 copies.
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