Highly Educated Sperm Donors

Below you will find a list of SSB’s donors who are currently completing their Medical/Dental School, or are already practicing Physicians or Dentists.  We are thankful that these donors take time out of their incredibly busy schedule to help others achieve their dreams of having a child!


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Arjun has an incredibly sweet and soft spoken nature. Every time he is in our office, Arjun personally greets everyone he sees with a friendly smile and a warm hello. Arjun is very handsome- he has a beautiful medium complexion that pairs well with his large, deep brown eyes and thick dark brown hair. He has a trim oval face with a square jawline, thick dark eyebrows, and an amazing, full smile. He stands tall at 6’2 and sports a fit and lean frame. Arjun loves to stay in shape and keeps fit by playing handball.Arjun was a Dentist in India, and now living in the states, is studying to become a certified dentist here as well. He is extremely smart and well-spoken, which comes across the moment you meet him. Arjun’s striking good looks and endearing personality make him an excellent donor!


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Orion is super tall with broader shoulders and an average to slender build. He has a full head of straight, long, light brown hair that is usually kept in a low ponytail. He has lovely blue eyes, a wide smile, a handsome square jaw line, and a short beard. His complexion is fair to medium with a few light freckles.

Orion is a true people-person. His genuine kindness and friendliness are the most noticeable features of his personality. He self-describes himself as the strong, silent type, but he doesn’t come across as shy, and his friends call him as ‘a big teddy bear’. He seems particularly introspective and well-spoken. His sense of curiosity and adventure has pushed him outside his comfort zone over the years to explore new places, and he is very open to new experiences. Orion is an avid hiker/backpacker and loves to take part in field research expeditions. He has a degree in Astrobiology/Biogeosciences, and currently works as an Astrobiologist. He prides himself on the research he has done under the NASA Space Grant. If you are looking for someone who is intuitive, hard-working, and open-minded, Orion would be a great choice for you!


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Ezra’s dark brown hair and large brown/green eyes pop against his smooth, medium tan skin tone. He keeps his thick, wavy hair and full beard kept clean and styled nicely. Ezra stands at a tall 5’10” and has a fit frame and broad shoulders that pair well with his overall look. He keeps in shape by playing basketball and lifting weights.

Ezra is a very accomplished and well-traveled guy. He speaks fluent Russian, French, and Ukrainian, and holds a Masters degree in International and Comparative Education. In his free time, Ezra enjoys keeping up with current events, and is very interested in the political state of the world. You can also find him reading a good book, watching movies, and listening to podcasts. Ezra is highly intelligent, very sophisticated, and diversely talented. We think he’d be a great donor for any family!


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Tao is a man of few words. His quiet demeanor may strike you as shy but under that you find a smart, determined, hardworking guy. Tao has black hair and soulful brown eyes. We typically see him with a full beard that is neatly kept. Tao’s medium frame hold his broad shoulders and toned limbs.

Tao’s passions lay with his work in science. Earning his PhD in Biological Structure and working as a Scientist in his chosen field, Tao is extremely driven and accomplished. In his free time, you can find him watching his favorite sports, volleyball, and football, or staying in shape by running and hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

If you are looking for an easy going, logical, intelligent donor, Tao may be a good match for you!