Highly Educated Sperm Donors

Below you will find a list of SSB’s donors who are currently completing their Medical/Dental School, or are already practicing Physicians or Dentists.  We are thankful that these donors take time out of their incredibly busy schedule to help others achieve their dreams of having a child!


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Ping is of full Chinese descent. He is average height and has a lean, fit build as he enjoys basketball and swimming. Ping has sparkling brown eyes and always lights up the room with his infectious smile and bubbly personality. He has great skin, a full head of black hair that is always styled and a defined jawline to match. Ping is very intelligent, persistent and hard working. He is currently working to get his PhD in mathematics, with an ultimate goal in life to make a breakthrough in science. On top of his mathematical, mechanical and scientific skills, Ping is fluent in both Mandarin and English. One of his favorite past times is traveling and has many worldly experiences. He is also a kind, easy- going and incredibly caring person, admired by many.


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Perseus is tall, with a medium to athletic build, a result of his passion for fitness and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. He enjoys strength training as well as swimming and mountain biking. He has a full head of thick, wavy brown hair however he was born with blonde hair which he maintained for much of his childhood before it started turning darker. Perseus has soft, gentle brown/green eyes, a Roman Nose and medium to tan skin tone. Perseus is currently going to Graduate School studying music with ambitions of playing in an orchestra one day. He is incredibly musically talented, specifically with the trombone. When Perseus isn’t busy studying for his masters, he enjoys spending his free time cooking, listening to and playing music, working out, biking and reading. His favorite literature is cognitive thinking style books. All around, Perseus is a disciplined, hard working donor who also tends to have a silly, playful side, which makes him a well-rounded candidate for our program.


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Tao is a man of few words. His quiet demeanor may strike you as shy but under that you find a smart, determined, hardworking guy. Tao has black hair and soulful brown eyes. We typically see him with a full beard that is neatly kept. Tao’s medium frame hold his broad shoulders and toned limbs. Tao’s passions lay with his work in science. Earning his PhD in Biological Structure and working as a Scientist in his chosen field, Tao is extremely driven and accomplished. In his free time, you can find him watching his favorite sports, volleyball, and football, or staying in shape by running and hiking around the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If you are looking for an easy going, logical, intelligent donor, Tao may be a good match for you!