Where We Ship

Seattle Sperm Bank is the leading U.S. Sperm Bank in International Shipping and Distribution of sperm.

We are a leader in cryologistics and we partner with some of the leading clinics and distributors of donor sperm in countries worldwide. We utilize high quality CryoShippers, Steel Tanks known as “Dry Shippers” that utilize Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) to maintain the adequate temperature (-180 Degrees Celsius) for international shipments to ensure proper temperature controls and on-time delivery. 

While other distributors and Sperm Banks use cheaper and/or smaller tanks to save money on shipping, we utilize the highest quality tanks that maintains the proper temperature for up to 2 weeks (standard tanks are 1 week). This allows additional time in case of weather delays, customs clearance, or any unforeseen issues that may occur during transit. Our greatest priority with any shipment is proper care and on-time delivery, and a stress free process to both the patient and clinic.

International Ordering Process

Contact our customer service team by email, phone, or chat for assistance with placing an international order.

Countries We Ship Sperm Directly To:

International All Access Pass

Our FREE International All Access Pass Membership is exclusive to customers of our partner international clinics. The All Access Pass allows unlimited online access to full donor bios, including baby photos, audio interviews, extended profiles, and Keirsey tests.

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