Top Musicians

Below you will find a list of SSB’s donors who are talented musicians.  From guitar players, to pianists, to vocalists…SSB is proud of our talented donors!

Orlando has an extremely genial, outgoing personality. He always comes in with a wide smile and tons of enthusiasm.  Orlando is caring, sweet, easy-going and fun. He has a love of animals and hopes to work as the CEO of a non-profit organization in the future. Orlando is incredibly generous and does everything he can to improve the lives of those around him, animal and human alike.

On top of his incredibly jovial personality, Orlando is also very attractive. He has bright blue eyes that are complemented by his straight, light brown hair. Orlando has a smooth, fair complexion with some freckles. However, he partially hides his beautiful skin with a full beard that he keeps trimmed short, giving him a ruggedly handsome look. He has a muscular build from regular weight lifting and participating in a variety of sports. Orlando is a truly incredible person who would make a great donor for any family.

Lovett’s rosy cheeks, fair skin, and deep-blue eyes contrast quite nicely with his blonde hair. He has a medium build and broad shoulders. His facial features are proportionally set, and his strong jawline and chin are neatly defined. With smooth skin and a clear complexion, Lovett makes for an adorable donor.

Lovett places a lot of importance on family, as he grew up with a tight-knit family himself. He describes himself as an extrovert, which he showcases with his inclusive conversation style and relaxed nature. He enjoys playing and watching baseball and football; and he also plays several instruments and sings! Lovett has many qualities that make him a wonderful donor.

Ross is lean with long muscles and has participated in a variety of sports including earning a black belt in taekwondo. He has green/brown eyes that contrast well with his wavy, light brown hair and fair skin. He is usually sporting a 5 o’clock shadow, giving him a more ruggedly handsome appearance. Ross has a shy but sweet smile that softens his angular facial features.

Ross is very intelligent and passionate. He has a Master’s degree in music education and loves to both play and teach music. Ross’ musical talents know no bounds as he plays a variety of instruments and sings as well. When not performing, Ross is typically reserved around those he does not know. However, once he becomes comfortable Ross is a lot of fun with a great sense of humor. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Ross answered, “Giving is one of my favorite things to do for people and this is one of the easiest ways to give that I think most people forget about. Ross is a donor that is kind, loyal and compassionate.

Adyson is adorable and gorgeous. His most notable feature is his hair which is a beautiful light brown hair with incredible bright blonde and dark brown highlighting. He chooses to wear it long, which emphasizes his two different hair types, straight on top and curly underneath. Adyson has a clear complexion and a medium skin tone that tans to a lovely bronze. He is most typically seen in dark t-shirts with a favored band name on it and jeans or khakis.

Adyson is an accomplished musician and an aspiring electrical engineer. He is kind hearted and very genuine. He is very fun to chat with and is quite friendly. We asked Adyson to choose some words he felt described his personality. He said, “Rational, honest, unassuming, independent, exuberant, communicative, amiable.” We completely agree with his list and think that ambitious and humble should be included!

Reese is tall with long, lean muscles from regular running. He has run multiple marathons and also enjoys playing basketball. He has thick, curly, dark brown hair and a fair complexion that makes his deep blue eyes pop. Reese has a strong jawline, high cheekbones and angular features. He is an extremely attractive individual, especially when he smiles, displaying straight white teeth and dimples.

Reese is a strong and dynamic individual. He comes from an athletic family and enjoys running and playing basketball himself. He also has an artistic side, playing multiple musical instruments, writing poetry, drawing and painting. He has a desire to protect those that cannot protect themselves, such as children and animals, which has led him to adopt a vegan diet. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Reese answered, “to help those who need it.” Reese is an extremely passionate and caring donor.