Request Additional Genetic Testing on a Donor

How do I request Supplemental Genetic Testing on a Donor?

  1. Complete the form to the left including upload of the egg source’s carrier screening results. If two egg sources will be attempting conception with the same donor, please upload both.
  2. The genetic counseling team will review the request and email/call you with any follow-up questions or if we cannot fulfill your request. The donor of interest will be contacted, consented to testing and scheduled to provide a DNA sample.
  3. At the time the DNA sample is provided we will contact you for payment. The cost of supplemental testing will vary depending on the request.  Most testing is $550.
  4. Genetic testing results typically take 3-4 weeks from the time the DNA sample is provided. Once results are available, they will be shared with you.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase vials from this donor prior to ordering the supplemental testing. If the donor is unable to complete testing or the results are positive, SSB will gladly offer a swap for different donor vials, if the original vials are still stored at one of our facilities.

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