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Why are Donor Samples Held in Quarantine for Six Months?

How much sperm do I need to conceive?

Our sperm donors are well screened and tested for infectious diseases before entering our program and continue to be tested on a regular basis while actively donating. Specifically, we are screening donors for Zika, hepatitis B/C, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, HTLV I/II, and West Nile virus, among other diseases. In addition, we perform overall health… Read more »

Using a Sperm Donor You Know: Comparing Directed Donors, Known Donors, and Personal Sperm Storage

Getting a Vasectomy? Consider Storing Your Sperm First

Along with providing anonymous donor sperm to individuals looking to conceive a child, Seattle Sperm Bank also provides personal storage of donor sperm for directed donors, known donors, and those storing sperm for personal use in the future by a sexually intimate partner. Here is a comparison of each of these donor types. A directed donor is an… Read more »