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SURE-CHECK Guarantees You Get the Right Vials Every Time

Sure Check

Choosing a sperm donor takes time, effort, and emotional energy. When you do find the right one, you want to be sure the vials of sperm you order match your donor selection. Seattle Sperm Bank’s proprietary SURE-CHECK system ensures this. It guarantees the chain of custody for donor identification from beginning to end, giving you… Read more »

Knowledge is Power! Fertility Tips for Same-Sex Female Couples

Fertility Tips For Same Sex Female Couples

By Rita Sneeringer, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Boston IVF All women deserve the opportunity to experience parenthood. For me, it’s a very special honor to support women through fertility treatment as they grow their families, and I’m continuously in awe of the strength and resilience of each patient that comes through my door. Encouraging my patients… Read more »

How Genetic Testing Helps Ensure Healthy Sperm Donors

Sperm donors - genetic testing

At Seattle Sperm Bank, we’re always looking to improve our methods for selecting healthy sperm donors. This benefits our clients looking to conceive using donor sperm as well as the donors themselves. One major way we do this is by continually updating our approach to genetic testing as technology improves. And we’re proud to offer… Read more »

How Donor Sperm is Frozen

How donor sperm is frozen

Much goes on behind the scenes to prepare donor sperm for use. In this post, we outline the process to help you understand what happens before vials arrive at your door or your clinic for use. We’ve written previously about how we carefully screen our sperm donors. So, once sperm quality is confirmed, samples are… Read more »

Using a Fertility App to Get Pregnant

Using a fertility app to get pregnant

When you’re trying to get pregnant using donor sperm, timing is everything. You need to time the shipping and arrival of your sperm samples. You need to time your insemination attempt. And most of all, you need to know the time frame when you’re most likely to conceive—meaning your all-important fertility window. It’s a lot… Read more »

Sperm Donors are in Demand. Is it Right for You?

Benefits of becoming a sperm donor

If you or someone you know is a healthy man between the ages of 18 and 39, you may have what it takes to become a sperm donor. Since the number of women and couples who choose to extend their families with the help of donor gametes continues to grow, sperm donors are in high… Read more »

Inside Seattle Sperm Bank: Talking with Client Services Coordinator Kandy Lindstrom

Kandy - Seattle Sperm Bank

  As a Client Services Coordinator at Seattle Sperm Bank, Kandy Lindstrom keeps busy. She handles multiple duties ranging from interacting with donors and potential donors to fulfilling Internet orders. But she spends the bulk of her time talking with clients and helping them start families. This includes helping with photo matching, answering questions about… Read more »