Why Quality Matters At A Sperm Bank

When searching for the right donor to complete your family-building goals, it is crucial to understand the types of vials you need for your planned treatment and the quality of the vials being provided. At Seattle Sperm Bank, we prioritize quality to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Vial Types at Seattle Sperm Bank

We offer a variety of vial types to accommodate different treatment plans. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) Vials: These vials are washed and ready to use for any treatment type. Washing removes seminal fluid and non-motile cells, leaving only motile sperm cells. These vials are suitable for all treatment types.
  • ICI (Intracervical Insemination) Vials: These vials are less common because they are harder for donors to produce. They are unwashed so they contain both motile and non-motile cells, with cryoprotectant added directly to the sample. These samples are suitable for all treatment types, although your healthcare team will need to wash before placing the sample into the uterus.
  • ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Vials: ART vials can be either washed (IUI) or unwashed (ICI). ICSI vials are all washed and have significantly lower sperm cell counts, which are well-suited for advanced procedures such as ICSI. It is recommended to consult your healthcare team before purchasing any of these vial types.

You can read more about SSB vial types here.

Seattle Sperm Bank Quality Policy

At Seattle Sperm Bank, quality is one of our top priorities. We understand that sperm count is vital to fertility treatments. Research has shown that motile sperm counts as low as 5 million can successfully result in pregnancy during intrauterine insemination. To ensure the best chances of success, our IUI vials come with a guaranteed minimum of 10 million motile sperm cells, with a 25% variability allowance to account for counting differences between labs.

We perform a post-thaw count on one vial from every lot, so we know what to expect when you or your healthcare provider is thawing your vial. In the rare instance that an IUI vial is found to have a lower count, we will provide a replacement vial.

Choosing the right sperm bank and understanding the quality of the vials you purchase can significantly impact the success of your fertility treatment. At Seattle Sperm Bank, we are committed to providing high-quality vials to support your family-building journey.

Read more about our quality policy here.

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