Younger Donors

Below you will find a list of SSB’s best, younger sperm donors. Some fertility doctors recommend that older women choose a younger sperm donor as the preferred match.  For more information regarding this please read the article found HERE. One of the quotes from Dr. Paul Turek in these articles states that…”To be sure, there are several layers of risk to being an older dad.  Miscarriage rates and pre-term births are about twice as common, and offspring birth defects are about 25% higher. Kids with chromosomal issues are higher, but not as high as kids born to older (>38 years) mothers. Most concerning however, are the higher rates of rare genetic diseases in offspring and the similar increased risk of schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and ADHD in children of older dads.”


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Arlo has a unique look with tan skin, hooded eyes, and medium-brown hair. His face is diamond-shaped with a square shin, high cheekbones, a small and rounded nose, and symmetric features. He is in great shape and has an athletic, lean, muscular physique. Arlo’s most stand-out feature is his big, full-lipped smile with pearly, straight, teeth. Arlo is a confident guy who is comfortable in social settings as well as performing. When he is not surrounded by friends he is working on his degree in computer science, creating digital animation and videos, or lifting weights at the gym. His future goals are to work at a major tech company before he sets out to begin a company of his own. Arlo is very enthusiastic about helping families achieve their dreams of having children!


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Irving is tall and has a lean build, which he maintains with regular cardiovascular activities and weight training. He has a smooth and fair complexion with freckles across his nose and cheek bones. Irving has dark brown hair that is kept cut short yet stylish and large, round brown eyes that really stand out against his fair complexion. Irving has a shy smile with pink lips that display straight white teeth when he smiles wide. Irving is soft spoken and a little shy at first, but once he begins feeling comfortable with you he and he opens up, his sweet, kind and good-natured personality really comes through. Irving is light hearted and has a great sense of humor as well. He is also very academically inclined, pursuing a degree in Global Politics and Finance. He takes his studies very seriously and hopes to one day pursue businesses abroad. Irving enjoys traveling the world as well. He has family in many countries and has enjoyed spending time with them and immersing himself in a variety of cultures. Irving is a great addition the donor program and we believe he has a very bright future ahead of him.


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Ren is tall with an athletic build, which comes from his love of sports. He played multiple sports throughout his childhood and high school career, with soccer being his favorite. Ren has fair skin with a few freckles, thin straight blonde hair and sparkling green/brown eyes. One characteristic that stands out with him are his fantastic dimples, especially when he smiles. Ren is currently pursuing a degree in finance, with an ultimate career goal in life to be a successful hedge fund manager. Not surprising with a financial degree, he excels in mathematics and some hobbies include researching business information and staying up to date on world news and current worldly events. Ren is a smart, well-mannered and caring donor who is very kind to others


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Wrigley is average height and has a muscular and well-defined build. Fitness is very important to him so cardio, weight training and playing sports are a daily activity. Wrigley has a very nice olive complexion that darkens in the sun. His light brown hair is kept short and styled. He is always clean shaven showing off his big brown eyes. Wrigley is always happy and smiling, showing off his straight, white teeth. Wrigley has a very traditional “Boy next door” look and is very cute. Wrigley is a huge Chicago fan and is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. He gets so excited for spring training and the opportunity to see as many games as possible. He could go on and on about baseball. Wrigley is also incredibly passionate about Accounting. He loves math and excels at it. He is currently studying Accounting at ASU and will pursue a career in that field when he graduates. Wrigley is a humble, smart, attractive, exuberant young man and he is truly a joy to talk to every week.