Younger for Older

Below you will find a list of SSB’s best, younger donors.
Some fertility doctors recommend that older women choose a younger sperm donor as the preferred match.  For more information regarding this please read the article found HERE
One of the quotes from Dr. Paul Turek in these articles states that…”To be sure, there are several layers of risk to being an older dad.  Miscarriage rates and pre-term births are about twice as common, and offspring birth defects are about 25% higher. Kids with chromosomal issues are higher, but not as high as kids born to older (>38 years) mothers. Most concerning however, are the higher rates of rare genetic diseases in offspring and the similar increased risk of schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and ADHD in children of older dads.”


As a collegiate cross country and track runner, Baxter has a runner’s body; he is thin with long, lean muscles. He has a medium skin tone that is usually very tan due to his time spent running in the sun. Baxter has large, green/ brown eyes and straight brown hair.He has a clean, clear complexion which shows the few freckles he has (which seem to become more prominent with time in the sun). With his broad smile and athletic build, Baxter is a very attractive young man.


Baxter always comes in smiling ear to ear and his jovial attitude is contagious. Baxter is naturally happy with a laid-back demeanor with his friends and family but at the same time is driven and goal oriented. He is very analytical but definitely has a sweet side and always does his best to improve himself and those around him. His goal in life is “to be remembered as somebody who had an impression on others and who made everything around him better.” We love this attitude and believe it is one of the many characteristics that make Baxter a magnificent donor.



Cory has a kind smile and gentle demeanor. His fair skin and dark hair contrast nicely, and his big brown eyes are always twinkling. Cory maintains a swimmer’s build, with long, lean, strong muscles and a solid frame. His face is oval with a nicely defined chin, and his cheeks usually contain a rosy hue. This donor absolutely has boyish good looks.

Like most young men his age, Cory enjoys hanging out with friends, playing and watching sports, and simply relaxing. However, he is extremely focused when it comes to his studies of International Business; he is even learning Portuguese and Japanese so that he may travel and work in Brazil and Japan one day after he receives his degree. An all-around good person, Cory is a fantastic donor.






Noah is the epitome of boyish good looks, with short dirty-blonde hair, kind hazel eyes, and symmetrical facial features. His build is medium, and he stays in fantastic shape from sports and also being blessed with a phenomenal metabolism. His complexion is smooth and clear, with just a freckle or two. Noah makes yet another attractive addition to our selection of donors.

Charming, polite, intelligent, and passionate, Noah is a young man with big goals and ideas. He excels at math and physics, and therefore is a student of engineering, in which he plans to get at least a Bachelor’s degree. Athletically gifted, Noah also plans to participate in an Iron Man triathlon in the near future. He loves his family and wants one of his own one day. He would make a great donor for any family.





Jacob is tall with broad shoulders and a strong build. He is extremely athletic and plays water polo competitively as well as several other sports recreationally. Jacob has dark brown hair and long eye lashes that contrast beautifully with his large green eyes. He has a medium skin tone that will tan with time in the sun, especially after spending some time at the beach. Jacob has rounded facial features and a shy smile that shows off his straight white teeth.

Jacob is kind, quiet and laid back, helping him to fit in easily with any group of people. His friends have described him as incredibly thoughtful and wise beyond his years. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Jacob answered, “I like to think I have good genes, and I understand there is a lot of demand for sperm donors from families that wouldn’t be able to have a kid otherwise.” Jacob is a donor that is sweet and thoughtful, making him a fabulous friend and donor.





Philip is one of our most handsome donors. He is tall with well-defined muscles and chiseled facial features. Phillip has a clear complexion and olive skin tone with dark brown eyes. He is usually clean shaven and his hair short to give him a very clean cut look. He has his hair thick, dark brown that he keeps cut short and usually fashionably styled. Phillip always comes in with a wide, infectious smile that show off his straight white teeth.

Aside from his good looks, Phillip is intelligent and extremely outgoing. He is currently pursuing a degree in business marketing and hopes to be a motivational speaker. Considering how chatty he is with everyone he meets; we believe this should be an easy goal for him to accomplish. Aside from his great personality, Phillip is also athletic and musical, playing both piano and guitar. When asked why he wanted to be a donor, Phillip said “Because my aunt is barren and I witnessed their struggle and problematic procedures of trying to have a child, so I figured I could help and do my part to help other families.” This sensitivity along with his other attributes make Phillip a stellar donor.