Younger Sperm Donors

Below you will find a list of SSB’s best, younger sperm donors.

Some fertility doctors recommend that older women choose a younger sperm donor as the preferred match.  For more information regarding this please read the article found HERE.

One of the quotes from Dr. Paul Turek in these articles states that…”To be sure, there are several layers of risk to being an older dad.  Miscarriage rates and pre-term births are about twice as common, and offspring birth defects are about 25% higher. Kids with chromosomal issues are higher, but not as high as kids born to older (>38 years) mothers. Most concerning however, are the higher rates of rare genetic diseases in offspring and the similar increased risk of schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and ADHD in children of older dads.”


Ryan stands just over six feet tall, he has short blond hair and bright blue eyes. He keeps his hair short, and always has well-maintained scruff, although you can still see his strong jawline. Ryan has a naturally athletic physique with lean muscles from playing volleyball and regular exercise in the form of cardio and weight training. He has a fair complexion with a few freckles here and there. He has straight white teeth and a wide smile with full pink lips.


Ryan is open-minded, adventurous and curious. Ryan is a great combination of good looks, outgoing personality, smarts, and athletic ability. In his free time, he enjoys playing a variety of sports and world travels. He has been to many different countries and wants to continue to see many more in the future. Ryan has a lot of goals and aspirations for himself, and with his positive attitude we believe he’ll go far in life.



Raj has handsome angular features and a boyish grin. He has a smooth, olive complexion with beautiful, clear skin.  He has a head of amazing, thick, dark hair, and a lean, athletic, slender frame that he keeps in shape by playing numerous sports.

Raj is attending university to complete his degree in biochemistry.  Though he is analytically minded, he is quite friendly and easy to talk to. He comes from a long line of doctors and educators. Raj is a well-rounded and cultured individual who divides his time between academic pursuits, athletic activities, travel, and time with friends and loved ones.  With his intelligence and determination, he definitely has a bright future ahead of him.





Kristopher immediately stands out from the crowd with his huge smile, kind eyes, and enthusiastic disposition. His friendly and gentle personality makes it you feel as if you instantly know him! Kristopher has a fair clear complexion with a nice array of freckles spattered across his nose. He has thick, dark brown hair and green/brown eyes, with high cheekbones and a strong, square jawline.

Kristopher is a natural artist and performer. With a diverse creative ability in writing, singing, acting, and art, Kristopher’s talents are truly something to be envious of! He also spends his spare time hiking, traveling, cooking and reading as much as he can. Kristopher is an intellectual, loyal, and genuine person, and we are pleased to have in our program.



Bodhi looks like the quintessential ‘boy next door,’ and is one of the most all-around attractive donors in our program. He has a slender but athletic build, strong shoulders, and a rugged square jawline. His Italian heritage comes through in his perfect, medium olive tone skin, thick, dark brown hair, and big, soulful, dark brown eyes.

Bodhi has always had a natural ability to do well in math and science, and is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. When he’s not busy studying, he is an absolute outdoors fanatic, spending as much time as he can hiking, backpacking, bike riding, and generally enjoying the Pacific Northwest. He is also a gifted guitar player and has a very mature and well-educated taste in music. Socially, Bodhi is a natural extrovert and a great communicator. Our personal favorite thing about him is his constant upbeat, cheery, and positive attitude- his energy is truly infectious, and we are so happy he is in our donor program!




Achilles has a muscular build standing five foot ten inches tall with a very athletic appearance as he was playing football. He has brown hair with hazel eyes, full-bodied lips, and a gorgeous smile making him an extremely attractive donor.


In addition to playing football, Achilles keeps his body fit with activities such as power lifting and running. He loves sports but also has an artistic side to him as well. One would describe him best as sweet, respectful, easy going, and personable. Achilles’ good looks and charm make him a great match for a donor!