Top Athletes

Below you will find a list of SSB’s Top Athletes!  These donors are incredibly gifted, and we appreciate the time they dedicate to our program!


Darrius is 6’1,” weighs 175 pounds, and is in incredible shape, with long and lean muscles, from playing sports his whole life. His skin tone is a wonderful almond, which goes very well with his dark-brown hair. Darrius has a great smile; straight, white teeth; and symmetrical facial features.

Darrius is a very driven individual, competes in track and field at the Division I level, and is proud to be the first member of his family to attend college. Darrius comes from a close family that instilled many strong values in him as a child. Additionally, he desires to have his work be related to helping underprivileged kids in his community after he graduates from college.


Apollo has big brown eyes and long lashes. He keeps his black hair short. Apollo maintains a smooth and clear complexion with a medium skin tone. His face is oval and he carries a nicely defined chin. Apollo stays in impeccable physical shape, as he currently works at a fitness club. With a great smile that reveals straight, white teeth and a sparkling personality, Apollo makes for quite an attractive donor.


Apollo loves sports, working out, and spending time with friends and family. This donor is ambitious and works hard. He attributes his strong work ethic to his mother, who raised him on her own. Because of this he still shares a very strong bond with his mother, and values family and connectedness. Apollo is down to earth, handsome, and quite charming.


Arnold is a presence in any room, standing at 6’6” with broad shoulders and long, lean muscles. His clear-blue eyes mesh very well with his light-brown hair and medium skin. Arnold’s facial features are all symmetrical, and his smile is big and bright. He absolutely has “all-American” good looks.


Arnold loves staying physically active and fit. He enjoys being in nature, going for long walks and hikes. Arnold also cares a lot about what he puts in his body and eats extremely healthily. He is very social and always is up for a good conversation, showcasing his extroverted personality. Arnold became a donor to help those achieve their dreams of parenthood that might not otherwise come true.



Tristan is incredibly attractive and we can see why he works as a model. He has a chiseled jaw with a tiny cleft in the center of the chin. He has full red lips and a big smile. Tristan could easily rock the surfer look with his sandy blonde hair, big blue eyes, and naturally tanned skin. Tristan is very active and has the muscular physique to keep up with his many activities. He is typically seen in workout clothes or trendy sports clothes.


This donor is very intelligent and witty. He is currently enrolled in a top university to finish his psychology degree. Tristan loves to meet new people and is naturally gregarious. He is also charming and sweet. Tristan is a musician and plays the guitar and piano. He is very well rounded and we think he would make a fabulous genetic donor to your family.



Dallas is incredibly athletic and well built. He was a professional soccer player and remains very involved in sports to this day. Dallas is good looking and sports a set of cute dimples. He has brown eyes, brown hair, and a medium skin tone that tans to a golden brown easily. He is almost always dressed in work out gear or sports jerseys.


Dallas has a wonderful smile and is typically seen either smiling or laughing. He has an open and friendly sense of humor. He is very passionate and dedicates his all to things he enjoys, like sports or teaching children. Dallas chose to be a donor because he has his own children and sees the joy they have brought to his life. Dallas is a well balanced person and a fantastic donor.