Top Athletes

Below you will find a list of SSB’s Top Athletes!  These donors are incredibly gifted, and we appreciate the time they dedicate to our program!

Hamilton is one of our tallest donors at 6’5”. He has strong, broad shoulders, long legs and arms, and a medium to large athletic build. Hamilton’s face is best described as caring and smart- he has twinkling brown eyes, a comforting smile, slightly rosy cheeks, and a handsome jawline and forehead. He has wavy, light brown hair and a nice tan.

Hamilton has a kind, soothing voice and always speaks thoughtfully and articulately. He has explored many different interests and studies over the last few years, most notably getting a Master’s degree in Sports Education and Coaching, which he uses as a professional Rowing coach. His has a variety of interesting hobbies and activities, including ballet, woodworking, gardening, cooking, and speech. He is also exceptionally well-traveled and cultured. All around, Hamilton is a staff favorite, and if you are looking for someone particularly smart and compassionate, he would be a great choice for you!

Wyatt’s face is caring and bright; he almost always walks in with a smile on his face, and something fun and interesting to say. Wyatt has a medium build with large arms and shoulders from weightlifting. He has an oval face, a wide smile, bright blue eyes, a smooth complexion, and thick dark brown hair.

Wyatt is a truly a ‘people person’; he lives to engage with people, and is kind and compassionate not only with his friends and family members, but also has an interest in helping the misfortunate and giving back to the general ‘global community.’  Wyatt seems to bring boundless energy and enthusiasm to everything he does. He is also quite an accomplished athlete, an avid reader, and a big practitioner of introspection and bettering himself. We think Wyatt is an amazing person, and would be a great donor for any family!

Dallas is incredibly athletic and well built. He was a professional soccer player and remains very involved in sports to this day. Dallas is good looking and sports a set of cute dimples. He has brown eyes, brown hair, and a medium skin tone that tans to a golden brown easily. He is almost always dressed in work out gear or sports jerseys.

Dallas has a wonderful smile and is typically seen either smiling or laughing. He has an open and friendly sense of humor. He is very passionate and dedicates his all to things he enjoys, like sports or teaching children. Dallas chose to be a donor because he has his own children and sees the joy they have brought to his life. Dallas is a well balanced person and a fantastic donor.

Caleb has a very strong, muscular build, a result of playing on a Division I college sports team and is always striving to increase his strength. He has large, dark brown eyes and matching thick brown hair. Caleb keeps his hair trimmed short and usually has some scruff to give him a rugged look. Caleb is a very handsome young man.

Caleb is also a very sweet and caring individual. He strives to always see the best in people and is very close with his family. When Caleb comes in he always takes a few moments to ask how the weekend was or chat about sports. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Caleb answered, “Nothing is more special than having a baby, and I want to be able to help other people experience the joys of being parents.” Caleb is very genuine and down to earth, and we think this, combined with his athletic prowess, would make him a wonderful donor.

As a collegiate cross country and track runner, Baxter has a runner’s body; he is thin with long, lean muscles. He has a medium skin tone that is usually very tan due to his time spent running in the sun. Baxter has large, green/ brown eyes and straight brown hair.He has a clean, clear complexion which shows the few freckles he has (which seem to become more prominent with time in the sun). With his broad smile and athletic build, Baxter is a very attractive young man.

Baxter always comes in smiling ear to ear and his jovial attitude is contagious. Baxter is naturally happy with a laid-back demeanor with his friends and family but at the same time is driven and goal oriented. He is very analytical but definitely has a sweet side and always does his best to improve himself and those around him. His goal in life is “to be remembered as somebody who had an impression on others and who made everything around him better.” We love this attitude and believe it is one of the many characteristics that make Baxter a magnificent donor.