Below you will find a list of some of SSB’s favorite donors! These donors are incredibly gifted, and we appreciate the time they dedicate to our program!

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We cannot say enough wonderful things about Gavin. He is genuine, polite, caring, athletic and good looking! Gavin always comes in with a smile, exuding optimism and looking for a way to improve our day. He loves to give back to his community and the people in his life. Gavin is currently working on a degree in education so he can become a teacher. He also coaches basketball, a sport he loves and has played since he was a child.Standing at 6’2” Gavin looks like a basketball player. His height plus his long, well-defined muscles give Gavin the look of a natural athlete. Gavin has large brown eyes and full lips that accentuate his amazingly infectious smile. He keeps his hair short and is usually clean shaven. He has a very casual style which reflects his easy going personality. Gavin is a truly amazing donor and we are lucky to have him in the program.

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Zane has a very muscular build, a result of a regular cardiovascular and heavy weightlifting exercise regime. He has dark green eyes that stand out against his olive skin tone and wavy brown hair. Zane is clean-cut, with short cut hair and a smooth complexion that is always clean shaven. He has a pink lips that form a wide smile with straight white teeth. Zane has strong features set in a slightly round face giving him a sweet and attractive quality.Zane embodies the Midwest persona. He is sweet, polite, outgoing and always ready to lend a helping hand. Zane is very genuine and outgoing and makes friends wherever he goes. He is also athletic and musical, playing a variety of instruments. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Zane answered, “A child is the passing on of the legacy of life and contributing to that is the least I can do.” We cannot brag about Zane enough, he is a truly wonderful person and we love having him in the program.

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Amir has a lean build with long, defined muscles. The first thing we notice about Amir are his large green eyes that stand out against his dark brown hair and medium skin tone. He keeps his face clean shaven and his hair short. Aside from his beautiful green eyes, the most noticeable thing about Amir is his infectious smile. These features make Amir a very attractive donor.Amir is possibly one of our nicest donors. He is always happy, with a broad smile and easy going demeanor. He is relaxed and optimistic and his presence always has a positive effect on those around him. We love how family oriented Amir is and what an impact his relationship with his family has had on him. When asked why he wants to be a donor, Amir answered, “To give everyone the opportunity of having a family.” Amir is a donor that is sweet, patient and ever the optimist.

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Anderson’s large striking blue/green eyes, fair skin, and dark hair immediately draw you to him. His welcoming smile and sweet disposition make him even more attractive. Anderson stands tall at 6’2 and keeps his athletic build by working out and eating right. In college Anderson studied Kinesiology, the study of mechanics of body movement. This passion transferred well into his current day job, working as a personal trainer and strength coach.Anderson is a friendly, personable, and positive man. He is outgoing and kind-hearted. His hobbies include music, cooking, and teaching. You can find Anderson relaxing by playing the guitar and being creative. Anderson’s strong, loving family has molded his personality and he thanks them for giving him the ability to love and support others in the world. Anderson’s excitement for the donor program and helping people start their own families makes him and excellent donor and a great choice.

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