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Meet Alden (13001)

Alden has a youthful, attractive appearance with fair skin and dark hair and eyes. He has a rounded nose with a low bridge and prominent cheekbones that add definition to his face. His full-lipped smile is gentle and friendly, and his dark eyes are expressive and have a warm and engaging quality.

Currently, Alden is a student specializing in UX/UI design, emphasizing both the artistic and technological aspects of creating user-friendly interfaces and products. In the next 5 to 10 years, he envisions himself holding a product design position at a prominent company, emphasizing his commitment to his career growth in the tech industry. Outside of school, he enjoys working on cars, demonstrating a strong mechanical inclination, and honing his musical skills by playing the guitar. Beyond his studies and personal interests, Alden is committed to fitness and participates in track and field, swimming, and weightlifting.

Alden credits his parents for instilling in him the values of being laid-back yet passionate about his pursuits, and he cherishes the deep-rooted connection he maintains with his family. Alden possesses many positive characteristics, including being optimistic, easy-going, and sociable. His growth into an ambitious individual is marked by his ability to stay motivated and maintain a positive outlook, enabling him to pursue a successful career, stay in good physical shape, and nurture meaningful relationships with his friends and family.





B Rh+


Asian, Chinese


B.A Interactive Media Design / Student


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