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Meet Armstrong (10691)

New Donor

Armstrong is quite adorable with his ruffled wavy hair and smile. He has an amazing sense of humor, and stunning light green eyes. His face is oval shaped and has thick wavy brown hair. Softer features accentuate his sweet nature with plump cheeks and lips. His inviting smile shows the top row of his teeth and full lips. His nose is long and curves down very slightly. Armstrong has an inviting casual style, having pierced ears, and usually wearing a plaid button up, colorful t-shirt, and light blue jeans.

Armstrong is hard working, managing a Mom-and-Pop construction company, a position he dedicated years towards. He is intelligent and good with his hands, spending most of his time repairing vehicles! He enjoys the process of rebuilding, the time and energy required to discovering new possibilities that can be applied to different types of vehicles. He aspires to have his own detailing shop! He also loves stand-up comedies and laughing, a trait that cannot be appreciated enough! His perspective on life is one of compassion, giving, laughing, and hard work. We are so excited to have Armstrong, someone with such a positive attitude and outlook on life, a part of our program!


Dark Brown



O Rh+


Mix, French Creole, Hispanic, Mexican


General Studies Associate's / Purchasing Manager


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel

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