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Meet Atash (10067)

Atash obtained his M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, M.S. Geomatics, PhD Cyber Security and he is currently a Research Specialist. Beyond his busy life, he enjoys many activities and that includes watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, and hiking. Atash is a caring person. He cares about others and their problems and is one of the reasons why he decided to become a donor to help others start a family.

Atash is comparable to a teddy bear because he has a very warm welcoming smile and presence. He is average height with a medium build and an olive complexion. Atash has straight black hair, brown eyes, a standard nose, and full lips.





O Rh+




M.S. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, PhD Cyber Security / Research Specialist


Counsyl Universal Panel minus x-linked conditions (at least 102 conditions)

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