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Meet Egan (16027)

New Donor

Egan is compassionate, and open-minded, with a calm and inviting demeanor. He is handsome with soft features, with an oval-shaped face, high cheekbones, and an adorable, dimpled nose. His attractive, full lips complement his shy smile. Egan is sweet and a conversationalist, interested in discussing politics and keeping up with the news. He prioritizes staying informed, crediting his Political Science degree to his continued interest in world and local affairs.

Egan is currently invested in web programming, working as a web developer, and spending his free time advancing his skills. He also likes to be active, running weekly and snowboarding when he can! To relax Egan enjoys gaming and learning more Japanese! He has traveled to Japan on several occasions and hopes to continue traveling there with his gained knowledge and appreciation of the language. Egan is thoughtful, and deep, and looks to be a donor to help specifically the black community in their search for a donor. We are so grateful to have someone like Egan, who has strong values behind becoming a donor, in our program!





O Rh+




B.A. Political Science / Warehouse Assistant


Sema4 Elements 502 Panel

    • No disease causing mutations detected
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