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Meet Elcano (12804)

Elcano is tall with a large and muscular build, broad shoulders, and a round face. He is an attractive and approachable individual, with short black hair, light tan skin, warm brown eyes, a dimple on his left cheek, and a big, warm smile that combine to create a welcoming and inviting appearance.

Elcano is a hardworking and ambitious individual who is working on a degree in education. He has a strong desire to become an English teacher in the future, driven by a passion for teaching and a deep appreciation for the importance of education. He's a passionate video game enthusiast, finding joy in the immersive worlds and exciting challenges presented in these virtual environments. He also enjoys staying active and participating in sports such as boxing, football, and wrestling. In addition to his academic pursuits and hobbies, Elcano also has a strong commitment to his family. He wants to get married and start a small family of his own, and he's determined to take care of his hard-working parents who have always supported him in his education. He knows that his success is due in part to their sacrifices and dedication, and he wants to honor them by giving back and ensuring their well-being. Elcano is a driven, caring, and well-rounded individual with inner strength and determination that we are sure will take him far.





O Rh+


Hispanic, Mexican


Enrolled in B.A. Program / Student


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • No disease causing mutations detected
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