Meet Hamilton (9970) – Open ID Donor.

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Hamilton is one of our tallest donors at 6’5”. He has strong, broad shoulders, long legs and arms, and a medium to large athletic build. Hamilton’s face is best described as caring and smart- he has twinkling brown eyes, a comforting smile, slightly rosy cheeks, and a handsome jawline and forehead. He has wavy, light brown hair and a nice tan.

Hamilton has a kind, soothing voice and always speaks thoughtfully and articulately. He has explored many different interests and studies over the last few years, most notably getting a Master’s degree in Sports Education and Coaching, which he uses as a professional Rowing coach. His has a variety of interesting hobbies and activities, including ballet, woodworking, gardening, cooking, and speech. He is also exceptionally well-traveled and cultured. All around, Hamilton is a staff favorite, and if you are looking for someone particularly smart and compassionate, he would be a great choice for you!