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Meet Ken (10510)

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Ken is an omnivert, a healthy mix of introvert and extrovert. He is a shy person at first but will become more social when he is comfortable. He has a relaxed, friendly, and respectful personality. Ken is of average height with a medium build. He has a fair complexion, blonde wavy long hair, round, ocean blue eyes, and pink full lips.

Ken keeps a busy schedule. He has his Real Estate license and is attempting to focus on that career while working his two part-time jobs. Ken aspires to be self-employed so that he can retire and travel the world. Ken unwinds from his busy schedule by being active, playing sports such as soccer and golf with his friends.





A Rh-


Caucasian, Irish, Scandinavian


Real Estate License / Construction / Real Estate


Counsyl Foresight Panel (at least 175 conditions)

    • Karyotyping : 46,XY
    • Spinal Muscular Atrophy : No disease causing mutations detectedative result: No disease causing mutations detectedative for g.27134T>G SNP and SMN1: 2 copies.
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