Meet Maksim (9561) – Open ID Donor.

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Maksim is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He stands at 6’5” with broad shoulders and long limbs. He has full wavy black hair and a gorgeous olive skin tone which makes it easy to identify his Italian heritage.  Maksim has large deep brown eyes and symmetrical features. He has full lips that are very light in color.  Maksim dresses comfortably since he often visits our office right after teaching yoga.

Maksim has a very calm energy that easily flows out from him to touch everyone he meets. He is outgoing and energetic. He is open to new things and experiences. Maksim is quick witted and intelligent. He is very active and enjoys participating in many different things like fire spinning and acrobatics. We asked Maksim what he was most proud of and he said, “I am most proud of my yoga and my teaching of it. I love helping people become more flexible, while also opening their mind to new things. My business is also a great accomplishment. I started with nothing and have made it successful.”

Genetic Testing

Over the years, we have expanded our genetic testing of donors as genetic knowledge and technology have advanced. As a result, not all donors have been tested for the same conditions or with the same methods. All donors have undergone genetic testing for Cystic Fibrosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Karyotyping.  However, many donors have had more extensive testing performed.

This donor has been evaluated for carrier status of the listed conditions. A negative result reduces, but does not eliminate, the likelihood of the donor being a carrier. If you are a known carrier of a genetic condition please contact us, and we will provide a copy of the donor's test reports to your physician and/or genetic counselor.

Karyotyping  Normal Male Karyoptype, 46XY
Bloom syndrome Non-Carrier
Canavan disease Non-Carrier
cystic fibrosis Non-Carrier
familial dysautonomia Non-Carrier
Fanconi anemia type C Non-Carrier
Gaucher disease Non-Carrier
glycogen storage disease type Ia Non-Carrier
hexosaminidase A deficiency (including Tay-Sachs disease) Non-Carrier
mucolipidosis IV Non-Carrier
Niemann-Pick disease type A and B Non-Carrier
spinal muscular atrophy No disease-causing mutations detected (2 copies or more)