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Meet Yosef (14497)

New Donor

Yoseph is a generous donor with a heart full of kindness and a commitment to making a positive impact. Standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, Yoseph possesses a medium build, and a rectangular face with a moderate olive complexion framed by dark brown hair. He has youthful yet masculine features, a square chin, a defined jawline, full browns, and captivating brown eyes.

Yoseph, a criminal justice graduate, has transitioned into the world of day trading, showcasing his diverse skill set. With a vision for the future, he aspires to start a family, invest in passive income streams, and own rental properties worldwide. Yoseph's family values, instilled by his immigrant parents, emphasize hard work, diligence, and the importance of moral integrity. Beyond his professional life, Yoseph is an avid adventurer, finding joy in activities like hiking, mixed martial arts, and basketball. His love for travel has taken him to eye-opening destinations such as South Africa and Thailand, shaping his perspective on life. Yoseph's musical talents extend to producing hip-hop and electronic music, reflecting his eclectic taste in genres. An enthusiast of technology, he embraces cutting-edge advancements, showcasing his passion for the latest gadgets and electric vehicles. Yoseph's journey as a donor is rooted in the desire to offer others a chance at creating life. His altruistic spirit shines through, embodying the essence of a compassionate and thoughtful donor.





O Rh+


Mix, Bukharan, Israeli, Persian


B.S. Criminal Justice / Software Sales Manager


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