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Vesper has kind, deep-set, hazel eyes; a rounded nose; broad chin; square jawline; and a charming, full-lipped smile. He is ruggedly handsome with masculine features, broad shoulders, and a muscular build. He is very athletic, participating in multiple team sports and individual competitive sports. He is an intriguing man with an impressive list of hobbies, musical skills, and travel itinerary! He is a great conversationalist who loves a good story, whether he is listening to it or telling it with great enthusiasm.

Vesper is hard-working and eloquent with shrewd business skills.  He comes from a large family, as one of seven children. He was inspired to become a donor because a family member’s experience using assisted reproduction to have children and grow their family. He describes himself as a “well-rounded, educated, globetrotting man who would be happy to help make your dream of having a family come true,” and we are happy to have him in our program!


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Valentino has large brown eyes and black hair that really stand out with his olive skin tone. He is 5’11” and has a large built physique. He is a great fan of football and was a Division 1 collegiate athlete in the sport as well. He also enjoys powerlifting, running, and working on his strength and athletic skills. Valentino not only excels in sports but in academia as well. He has earned his master’s degree in finance and has been successful with his career in the field.

Valentino can be described as a very goal driven and ambitious individual. He is incredibly intelligent and a keen critical thinker but can also be very compassionate. He takes great pride in his accomplishments as a first-generation college graduate, and championed athlete. Valentino is an admirable individual and we are glad to have him as a donor!

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