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Rommel stands 5’11 tall and has an athletically fit build. He has warm brown eyes and glowing olive skin. His long black hair is usually tied back and shows off his chiseled jawline. Rommel is an incredibly kind and caring individual. He may seem a bit reserved at first but is a great conversationalist when approached. He can be described as easy-going, logical, and adaptable. Rommel has a driven personality, but at the same time is very flexible and can adapt well to any new challenges. Rommel enjoys working out, frequenting the gym near every day. He also likes to keep active by playing sports like basketball and football. When he is not on the court, you can find him on the dancefloor as he is also a great salsa dancer! Aside from his athletic talents, Rommel is also bilingual speaking both English and Tagalog. With his various talents, calm demeanor, and genuine personality, Rommel is a great choice for a donor!


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Trinity is attractive with hazel eyes; thick, dark hair; and smooth, tan skin. He has an oval face with tidy, curved brows; a medium-sized, rounded nose with a high bridge; a broad, full-lipped smile; and high cheekbones. He is slender with long limbs and a runner’s build. He has a tidy and professional appearance— always well-dressed, clean-shaven, and sporting well-styled hair. Trinity is an outgoing, cheerful, enthusiastic, open-minded, and trustworthy accountant who hopes to open his own financial services business and find a good work-life balance. When he is not busy with work, Trinity enjoys playing chess, reading for pleasure and learning, practicing martial arts, swimming, and cooking. Trinity is a proud father of two daughters who understands the powerful experience of having children and is excited about having the opportunity to help others have children and build families of their own.

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