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We feature some of the top donors in our catalog as a Featured Donor. For our current Featured Donors, we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1, with a limit of 2 free vials.


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Haywood has strong features with a rectangular face, deep-set eyes, full lips, a rugged jawline, and a square chin. He has light blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and a light complexion that contrasts nicely with his dark pink lips. He has a very masculine appearance, with an average build and well-proportioned limbs. Haywood, who describes himself as nerdy and easy-going, is an aspiring voice actor who is learning audio recording and editing while working to get his foot in the door in the industry.  He currently works in maintenance at his family business doing a variety of tasks that utilize his problem solving and mechanical skills. In his free time, he enjoys gaming, painting model figurines, archery, and playing the drums.


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Although Kamal comes off shy at first, once he opens up you, will find him to be an outgoing, caring, and very sweet guy. Kamal and his family are from Nepal, and he has a beautiful, dark olive-toned complexion, kind almond-shaped brown eyes, and strong nose, and an attractive square jawline. We always see Kamal coming into our office stylishly dressed with his hair well-kept, and a big smile on his face. He has a medium build and strong muscle tone proportionate to his frame. His hobbies include playing and watching cricket and soccer, as well as spending time outdoors. Kamal has a big heart and loves to help people. He feels passionately about volunteering and did so in Nepal, as relief support after several large earthquakes.  He is currently attending university with an interest in IT. He hopes to continue within the field of work in the future. Kamal’s kind nature and charming good looks make him an excellent choice as a donor!

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For the Featured Donor(s), we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1*. To take advantage of this offer, add 2 or 4 vials of the same type to your cart. You will see the discount applied at check-out. *This offer is limited to 2 free vials and is not applicable and/or valid with any other promotions or Buy Backs. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS! Can’t Decide? Call Us! Telephone: 1-800-709-1223 or 1-206-588-1484 We are small enough to know the character of all our donors, but big enough to have the right selection for you! Let us help you select your Donor!