Our Featured Donor for April 2017 is Fletcher!

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12079-1 Fletcher (12079)
Fletcher is uniquely handsome and has a calm, charming demeanor. He has gorgeous sandy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a fair to medium skin tone, and a smattering of brown freckles. He has an oval face shape with a smaller nose and mouth, great cheekbones, and straight, white teeth. He has a medium build and has a trim, athletic look to him while still being slim and fit.

Fletcher is naturally a pretty quiet person, but if you get him going on the right topic, he has a ton of interesting things to say. He’s an avid cook and loves smoking and grilling. He also brews his own beer and is generally good with his hands and apt to build/fix things. He comes from a strong sports background, playing multiple sports all through his childhood years up through playing collegiately for his university’s rugby team. Fletcher is intelligent, in great shape, and all around has a great personality!

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