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Kulture is average height with a medium build. He has medium/light tan skin color and short curly dark brown hair. He has beautiful almond shaped hazel eyes and thick eyebrows. Kulture has a matching well maintained dark brown beard that shows off his full lips. 

Kulture works full time and goes to school. He is majoring in Electrical Engineering. He has a family of his own and his long-term goal is to build a stronger foundation for them. Growing up with all his cousins and siblings made him realize that having a family is very important to him. This is the reason he wanted to become a donor to help people start a family of their own. Kulture comes off as a quiet, reserved person but is also very kind and respectful. Kulture spends his free time working on cars, hiking and being outdoors.


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Duy is average height with a more than average personality! He has a lean, muscular build that is directly related to his love for competitive dancing, which he regularly participates in. He has straight black hair that is always styled, and friendly brown eyes and an inviting smile full of bright white teeth. He has flawless olive skin with a moderate tan. All these characteristics make Duy a very attractive young man.

Duy has a degree in Environmental Design and currently obtaining his Masters Degree in Architecture. He excels at calculus, speaks both Vietnamese and English fluently and loves to draw, paint and design. Duy also loves to sing, dance and cooking is a passion of his. At least once a week, he’s trying a new recipe for his friends and family to try. Duy is a social butterfly; one who is outgoing and friendly to every single person he meets. He has an incredible drive to do the best he can and an eagerness to learn new things. He is creative, driven, enthusiastic and most importantly a compassionate. He puts others needs before himself and pulls happiness from making others around him smile. He is a true asset to our donor program.


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Rufus has brown eyes; thick, reddish-brown, hair; full lips; and long, full, eyelashes. His complexion is fair, moderately freckled, and free of blemishes. Rufus’s face is oval with a well-defined jaw, high and prominent cheekbones, and a slightly cleft chin.

Rufus is a man of action who turns his creative visions into works of art. He is a talented filmmaker with a passion for art in all forms and he finds delight in opportunities to exchange ideas with people around him. We expect Rufus’s confidence, determination, and hard work to take him far.

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