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Baylor is friendly with a magnetic, outgoing, personality. He is tall and handsome with well proportioned, symmetric features, and an athletic physique. He is exceptionally attractive with a square jawline, tidy brows, a medium-sized nose, and medium-full lips. He has a full head of light brown hair, and a thick beard that he keeps trimmed very short, and light-tan skin with sparse freckles that draw attention to his light brown eyes.

Baylor is exceptionally athletic with a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and a master’s in athletic training. He is optimistic, driven, and passionate about helping others live active lifestyles. He currently works full time as an athletic trainer and aspires to open his own physical therapy clinic.  Baylor spends his free time outdoors hunting, mountain biking, and hiking with his fiancé and dog. He looks forward to starting a family of his own and he is excited to have the opportunity to help others have children, too.


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Fernando is tall standing at 6’1” with a medium/muscular build. He has brown eyes and brown hair that match perfect with his medium skin tone. He keeps his hair styled and clean face which gives him that clean-cut look.

Fernando has an outgoing personality, easy to talk and get along with! He works full time as a flight instructor and hopes to become a commercial pilot. During his free time, he enjoys hiking, salsa dancing and playing soccer which is a result of his physique.

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