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Terrell has an adorable smile that lights up his whole face. He has sweet wide brown eyes and red full lips. He has dark brown hair and dark skin. He is average height and athletic with a strong build, stemming from his love of playing and watching sports, specifically basketball and football. Terrell has an amazing and bubbly personality. He is very friendly and open. He is also a total sweetheart and loves to help others with whatever they need. Terrell is quite witty and intelligent.

When Terrell isn’t busy working on his business management degree, he enjoys playing sports, skiing, hiking, running and spending time with family. He has a very strong bond with his family and credits them for teaching him to never give up; a direct reflection of how hard he works in school. Terrell is creative, outgoing, honest and loyal. He really is one of our favorites and brightens everyone’s day when he comes in.


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Aspen has light brown wavy hair atop his blue eyes and friendly smile. He stands 6’1” tall and has a medium build, with lightly freckled fair skin. He is an incredibly kind person and lives by the principle of, “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.” He was raised with this philosophy and strives everyday to follow this noble notion.

Aspen is an engineer and currently a student in the field of computer science. He is very much so mechanically inclined and enjoys using his skills to build, rebuild, and solve problems analytically. In his free time, he enjoys reading, particularly magazine periodicals like The Economist and National Geographic. Aspen is also an avid sports enthusiast. His favorite sport is soccer, but is a fan of surfing, softball, and basketball as well. Aspen is a great choice for a donor and we are glad to have him!

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