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We feature some of the top donors in our catalog as a Featured Donor. For our current Featured Donors, we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1, with a limit of 2 free vials.


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Johannes has mostly German heritage, and this really comes through in his overall appearance- he has a long, oval face, defined chin, high brow line, strong cheekbones, and piercing, brown eyes with green flecks. He has a slender-to-average frame with long arms and legs and some defined muscles. He has a medium skin tone with subtle rosy undertones and glossy brown hair. Like many young men in the Pacific Northwest, Johannes is an outdoor enthusiast and is often hiking, biking, or rock climbing. Advancing his skills and scope in rock climbing is actually one of his primary interests at the moment, as well as focusing on his college education, with a degree in Engineering in full swing. Johannes comes across as slightly shy, but also describes himself as understanding, open-minded, and compassionate. We think he has a fun, adventurous spirit!


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Michi is the epitome of style and charm. He has long, sleek hair that falls effortlessly around his face, an oval face with a pointed chin, narrow nose, high cheekbones, and an inviting smile. His good looks and impeccable fashion sense make quite the impression! Michi has a degree in Music and is a professional piano player. He also loves composing, as well as other artistic endeavors such as drawing. He is well traveled, and loves making trips back home to Japan. He has a very happy, optimistic attitude that is enjoyed by all.


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Terrell has an adorable smile that lights up his whole face. He has sweet wide brown eyes and red full lips. He has dark brown hair and dark skin. He is average height and athletic with a strong build, stemming from his love of playing and watching sports, specifically basketball and football. Terrell has an amazing and bubbly personality. He is very friendly and open. He is also a total sweetheart and loves to help others with whatever they need. Terrell is quite witty and intelligent. When Terrell isn’t busy working on his business management degree, he enjoys playing sports, skiing, hiking, running and spending time with family. He has a very strong bond with his family and credits them for teaching him to never give up; a direct reflection of how hard he works in school. Terrell is creative, outgoing, honest and loyal. He really is one of our favorites and brightens everyone’s day when he comes in.

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For the Featured Donor(s), we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1*. To take advantage of this offer, add 2 or 4 vials of the same type to your cart. You will see the discount applied at check-out. *This offer is limited to 2 free vials and is not applicable and/or valid with any other promotions or Buy Backs. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS! Can’t Decide? Call Us! Telephone: 1-800-709-1223 or 1-206-588-1484 We are small enough to know the character of all our donors, but big enough to have the right selection for you! Let us help you select your Donor!