Our Current Featured Donor is Anderson!

We feature some of the top donors in our catalog as a Featured Donor. For our current Featured Donor, we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1, with a limit of 2 free vials.

Anderson (12101) – Open ID Donor
Anderson’s large striking blue/green eyes, fair skin, and dark hair immediately draw you to him. His welcoming smile and sweet disposition make him even more attractive. Anderson stands tall at 6’2 and keeps his athletic build by working out and eating right. In college Anderson studied Kinesiology, the study of mechanics of body movement. This passion transferred well into his current day job, working as a personal trainer and strength coach.

Anderson is a friendly, personable, and positive man. He is outgoing and kind-hearted. His hobbies include music, cooking, and teaching. You can find Anderson relaxing by playing the guitar and being creative. Anderson’s strong, loving family has molded his personality and he thanks them for giving him the ability to love and support others in the world. Anderson’s excitement for the donor program and helping people start their own families makes him and excellent donor and a great choice.

This Donor has been tested for over 100 genetic conditions, and has been found to be a carrier of 1 condition. Since this donor is a carrier for 1 condition, we require that you fill out the Informed Consent document found HERE. This consent form needs to be completed and sent to us, prior to shipment.  

We offer 1 vial free with the purchase of 1 vial of our Featured Donor*

For the Featured Donor(s), we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1*. To take advantage of this offer, add 2 or 4 vials of the same type to your cart. You will see the discount applied at check-out.

*This offer is limited to 2 free vials


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