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We feature some of the top donors in our catalog as a Featured Donor. For our current Featured Donors, we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1, with a limit of 2 free vials.


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Loxley is tall, lean, and handsome. He has a strong and defined jawline, and an inviting smile. He would describe himself as easy going, and we definitely agree! When conversing with him, he maintains and relaxed and calm demeanor. Loxley is very intelligent. He is currently a student studying Economics and aspires to one day become a programmer. In his free time, he enjoys playing many sports such as soccer and basketball, as well as relaxing and watching movies. Though Loxley misses his family in his home country of China, he has been able to bring the values and morals his parents have taught him, including being hardworking, wherever he goes. Loxley is determined, driven, and an overall great choice for a donor!


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Renner stands tall at a height of 6’2” and has an athletic build. He has a fair complexion and a head full of thick, curly, reddish-brown hair. He is handsomely gifted with emerald green eyes and a strong jawline. Renner is exceptionally fit and keeps a lean physique through CrossFit and martial arts. He not only trains himself, but coaches CrossFit as well. He has always been an active individual, playing baseball and soccer as a child. Renner is an avid traveler and has visited several countries including Budapest, Greece, and Costa Rica. He frequents visits to Germany and is learning the language too! He has an approachable personality and connects with others easily. He is humorous, optimistic, and a great conversationalist. He has a goal-oriented mindset and aspires to live a life of health and happiness. Renner is unique, cultured, and a great choice for a donor!

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For the Featured Donor(s), we offer 2 Vials for the price of 1*. To take advantage of this offer, add 2 or 4 vials of the same type to your cart. You will see the discount applied at check-out. *This offer is limited to 2 free vials and is not applicable and/or valid with any other promotions or Buy Backs. CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS! Can’t Decide? Call Us! Telephone: 1-800-709-1223 or 1-206-588-1484 We are small enough to know the character of all our donors, but big enough to have the right selection for you! Let us help you select your Donor!