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Tormund is tall, has a lean and muscular build, a result of his very active lifestyle comprised of cardiovascular exercise and lifting weights. His time in the Navy also kept him in very good shape. He has fair skin and like a true red head has lots of freckles. Tormund has sparkling blue green eyes, they are complimented by his short, but always styled red hair. He has full lips that reveal a fantastic wide smile and straight white teeth. All of these characteristics make Tormund a very attractive young man.

Tormund is very intelligent and dedicated; He is currently pursuing a degree in in Entrepreneurship. He currently runs his own wood/metal working business now. He enjoys creating works of art. Tormund has a great sense of humor, albeit a dry humor. He’s quick to laugh and make others laugh and smile as well. Tormund is a great combination on good look and intellect making him a great addition to the donor program.

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