Seattle Sperm Bank uses the best courier services in the world, and due to our large number of shipments, we receive special handling priorities and the highest level of tracking services. The shared goal between our couriers and us, is to deliver every specimen on time. However, there are unforeseen circumstances, such as weather delays, mechanical failures of airplanes or trucks, and other rare circumstances – that could lead to a delayed delivery.

Our couriers on-time delivery is currently 99.1% for standard shipments (2 Day Air) and 91.1% for Overnight deliveries. While these are excellent outcomes, we don’t want you to fall into the category of patients who must postpone or cancel their treatment or insemination due to a delayed delivery.

Always plan to have the donor sperm arrive 2-3 business days prior to the scheduled insemination.

This will minimize the risk of any potential delay or problem with the shipment.

Seattle Sperm Bank uses the highest quality dry shippers available in the industry. Our standard shippers keep the specimen frozen for 7 days. We also offer dry shippers, specifically available upon request for residential deliveries, that keep the specimen frozen for 14 days. These tanks can be used, based on availability and upon request when placing an order.

When you first place your order, whether you do it online or by calling our office, you will immediately receive an order confirmation with all important information.
Always confirm the details of your order, including the requested delivery date, shipping address, donor name/number, etc. If you see any incorrect information, or have questions, please contact our shipping department at 206-588-1484 or email

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