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SSB Connects Brings Families Together

SSB Connects Brings Families Together

At Seattle Sperm Bank, our primary goal is to help you conceive a child and start or add to your family. But our support doesn’t end there. We also offer access to a donor sibling registry, which helps facilitate mutually desired contact between half-siblings who share a common donor. Sibling registries give donor-conceived children the… Read more »

Plan Ahead – Ship Early!

Seattle Sperm Bank uses the best courier services in the world, and due to our large number of shipments, we receive special handling priorities and the highest level of tracking services. The shared goal between our couriers and us, is to deliver every specimen on time. However, there are unforeseen circumstances, such as weather delays,… Read more »

How Working with a Midwife Can Help You Conceive Using Donor Sperm

How working with a midwife can help you conceive using donor sperm

Using donor insemination to conceive a child is a proven and successful method, but it can involve some stress. Perhaps you’re uncomfortable with the thought of trying to conceive at home by yourself or with just your partner. Or perhaps you’ve tried without success and want to be proactive about exploring other options. Or maybe… Read more »