African American Sperm Donors

When considering an African-American donor, you may be seeking a sperm donor with a similar skin tone or complexion to yourself. This may mean that the donor’s ethnicity is from a specific region in Africa, or perhaps they are have a hint of African and European ancestry. That’s why our database has a wide range of donor attributes to choose from.

To begin, browse our African-American sperm donors below. We thoroughly research all our donors to provide you with the all the options and information you need when deciding to start a family. This includes giving you extensive background and history information on all our donors. Use our donor search tool to expand your search options, or sign up for an all access pass to get complete information on all donors.

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Rami (10409) Open Donor ID

Rami (10409) Open Donor ID





A Rh+


Mix, African-American, Ecuadorean, Italian, Serbian, Slavic

BA Business Marketing / Entrepreneur

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 results.