Mixed Sperm Donors

Donors included under the Mix category are more diverse than many other listings since the exact distribution of ethnicities in an individual can’t be determined. This is also why our database has a wide range of other donor attributes to choose from. Selecting the right donor for your needs is a major decision. We thoroughly research all our donors so you have complete information to help you make a decision. Use our donor search tool to expand your search options, or sign up for an all access pass to get complete information on all donors.

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Percival (10280) Open ID Donor – New
Eyes: Brown Hair: Red Blood: O
Height: 5'09" Weight: 158 CMV: +
Ethnicity: Mix, Mexican, Scottish
Education/Occupation: B.S. Nursing / Student

Bao (12563) Open ID Donor – New
Eyes: Blue/Green Hair: Black Blood: B
Height: 5'09" Weight: 170 CMV: -
Ethnicity: Mix, French, Vietnamese
Education/Occupation: B.S. Mathematics / Student

Kipton (10451) Open ID Donor
Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Blood: AB
Height: 5'10" Weight: 185 CMV: +
Ethnicity: Mix, Irish, Mexican, Norwegian
Education/Occupation: B.S. Molecular Biology/Nursing / Gym Manager

Bennett (14030) – Open ID Donor
Eyes: Brown/Green Hair: Blonde Blood: B
Height: 6'00" Weight: 158 CMV: +
Ethnicity: Mix, Asian, Caucasian, German, Vietnamese
Education/Occupation: B.S. Software Engineering / Student

Jace (14004) – Open ID Donor – New Donor!
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Blood: A
Height: 5'11" Weight: 155 CMV: +
Ethnicity: Mix, Hispanic, Mixed European, Polish, Slavic, Swedish
Education/Occupation: B.A. Communications / Student

Showing 1 - 10 of 74 results.