September 29, 2011

The Seattle Sperm Bank (Seattle Sperm Bank), with a lab located in Seattle, Washington, and its partner cryobank, the European Sperm Bank (ESB), with labs located in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark, is actively seeking red-haired sperm donors. Gary Olsem, Managing Director of Seattle Sperm Bank, said that “We cannot keep up with our demand for red-haired, and blond donors, particularly for families in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and Australia. We hope that potential donors are not discouraged from applying by stories in the media. Demand for our donors continues to increase all over the globe, and we urge healthy men aged 18-40 of all ethnic backgrounds- and hair colors- to apply.”

A viral storm of stories across the globe about ‘gingers’ was kicked off by Richard Orange, the Sweden-based correspondent for the UK’s Telegraph, with his September 16th report that the Cryos Sperm Bank has so much red-haired donor inventory that, according to its owner Ole Schou, “Our stock is about to explode.” The stories included a report aired on Good Morning America, with NBC’s correspondent Stephanie Gosk interviewing Schou, who stated that the reason for the plummeting demand for Cryos sperm from his labs in Denmark “…is that we have too many Scandinavians only.” Schou is holding a ‘sale’ and is turning away red or blond-haired donor applicants.

At Seattle Sperm Bank, Managing Director Olsem stated that: “With our high quality Open ID donors and effective screening and testing, we find that we cannot keep up with demand world-wide. Our clients do want redheads (and blonds and brunettes), so we hope that prospective red-haired donors apply soon in Seattle, Aarhus and Copenhagen.”

For information, contact: Gary Olsem, Managing Director. Phone 206.588.1484

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