There are numerous press releases and news reports regarding a competitor sperm bank’s ‘Celebrity Look-a-Like’ feature. It has been reported that the sperm bank’s #1 demand is for a donor who they claim is a Look-a-Like for the actor Ben Affleck.

At Seattle Sperm Bank, we do not claim to have any donors who are Look-a-Likes or clones of Ben Affleck or Keanu Reeves or even Jay Leno. Our donors are terrific men who have made a substantial commitment to help others have a family. They are not a fantasy to be packaged and sold in California as celebrity clones.

We can help clients find the right donor through their Photo Matching service or by contacting any of our client services coordinators who knows the personalities and characters of the donors.

We think that physical features are not the only important criteria to be considered in selecting a donor. Our team really gets to know a donor during the year that he is enrolled in our program. We can tell you which donor has a great sense of humor, or has a great work ethic, or has excelled in overcoming challenges to establish a career in academics or business. These are the kind of fine men with proven character who you want to choose to make such an important genetic contribution to your family. You should not choose a donor because a marketing person thinks he can be packaged and sold as a celebrity look-a-like!

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