Advanced genetic testing gives you peace of mind.

Genetic testing is an essential part of selecting healthy sperm donors. That’s why Seattle Sperm Bank offers the most comprehensive genetic testing of donors of any licensed sperm bank in the U.S. Plus, we are always looking to improve. For all donors who have entered our program since August 2016, our current screening process includes testing for up to 100 genetic conditions.

Of course, genetic testing is just part of our donor screening process, which also includes a full physical exam, blood and semen tests, a thorough review of donors’ family medical history, a criminal background check, and much more.

This commitment to testing is for the benefit of our clients trying to conceive using donor sperm as well as donors looking to join our program. We share genetic information with potential donors in case it alerts them to inherited conditions they didn’t know they carried.

Once testing is complete, the results are reviewed by a trained genetic specialist and a medical doctor. We then accept only applicants with below average risk. To help you make an informed choice, we keep an updated and complete list of donors who have passed our extended genetic tests. We further provide a copy of your chosen donor’s test results to your physician for review. This is all done for your protection and peace of mind.

Try GenePeeks for Personalized Donor Matching

To offer you even greater personalized donor matching, Seattle Sperm Bank works with Counsyl, an industry leader in the genetics field. The process works by combining your DNA information with that of a donor to identify any risks of inheriting a genetic disease. This also helps identify possible risks that may not be found through other screening methods.

Genetic testing is just one essential tool we use to select the healthiest sperm donors. And as technology and processes improve, so will our testing methods. If you have any questions about genetic testing, please contact us at 206-588-1484.


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