Books About LGBTQ+ Family Planning For Kids And Parents

We often get asked if we have any book recommendations for family planning or books for kids about LGBTQ families, so we made a list of a few of our favorites. No matter what kind of family you are (or are thinking about having!), all these books have something interesting to offer. Check them out below:

LGBTQ+ Family Planning Books For Kids

  • Mommy, Momma, and Me: A sweet rhyming book about a baby doing everyday things with their two moms. The simple pictures and words would make this a great first book about LGBTQ families. There is also a counterpart for a family with two dads: Daddy, Papa, and Me.
  • What Makes a Baby: An awesome book that explains conception to kids in a way that is completely inclusive and gender-neutral. This book is especially great for kids with trans or gay parents but is an amazing book for any parent who wants to explain where babies come from.
  • Neither: A gorgeously illustrated tale of a baby animal who is born looking a little different. This is a great book to introduce kids to trans and non-binary as well as a great message about inclusivity in general.
  • Prince and Knight: A heartwarming fairy tale about a prince who would rather marry a knight than a princess. This book is very positive and affirming and doesn’t have to be overly political to get the point across that love is love. Another great one for any kind of family.

LGBTQ+ Family Planning Books For Parents

  • The Ultimate Pregnancy Guide for Lesbians: This is a great introductory guide for lesbian moms-to-be covering everything from pre-conception to newborn care. It offers a comprehensive look at choosing a sperm bank, fertility and childbirth options, and legal rights for lesbian moms.
  • Confessions of the Other Mother: Many reviewers have praised this as “essential” reading for couples navigating a pregnancy where one mother is carrying, and the other mother is not. This book covers a broad range of topics related to same-sex conception and parenting, including infertility, emotional issues, parental roles, and the legalese of 2nd parent adoption.
  • And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families: A diverse compilation of first-hand accounts from women and couples who have used a Known/Directed Donor or surrogate to expand their families. This unique book shares experiences both positive and negative (but mostly positive!) and offers a ton of general insight into building a family with a Known Donor.
  • Raised by Unicorns: Another touching compilation of stories, this book has heartfelt personal essays written by the adult children of LGBTQ parents about their unique childhoods.
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